College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Diepsloot Project

The Department of Life and Consumer Sciences identified Diepsloot Combined Full Service school, as a suitable school for the community engagement project, in 2010. The actual activities and responsibilities started in January 2011. The main purpose of this project is to assist and empower educators with their teaching skills in different subjects, especially in the science subjects. The staff members of the Department assist the educators in the following learning areas: Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, English and Tourism. The departmental staff members also assist the educators with short experiments in Life Sciences and Physical sciences.

At the beginning of this year (2012), the department expanded their community engagement activities by getting involved in the nutritional programmes of the school. The government is running feeding schemes in underprivileged schools throughout the country. With expertise that we have in the department, it was felt that we could offer some assistance on issues like food preparation, food security, food storage and also to offer some informal training to the volunteers who prepare food for the learners.

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