Directorate Music

Committee for music examinations

The Committee for Music Examinations was appointed by the Council of the University of South Africa. Its task is to:

  • advise Council on matters referred to the committee by Council; and
  • make recommendations to Council on all matters relating to public music examinations, including standards, syllabuses, appointment of examiners, scholarships and prizes, and other related matters.

The committee consists of the following members:

  • two representatives of the Council of the University of South Africa, one of whom shall be Chairman;
  • the University Registrar (ex officio);
  • the Head: Directorate Music (ex officio);
  • the Deputy Director (Professional): Directorate Music (ex officio);
  • the Deputy Director: Unisa Music Foundation (ex officio)
  • the Head: Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology (ex officio);
  • one representative each of two South African universities with music departments;
  • one representative of the Department of Education;
  • one representative of the South African Society of Music Teachers;
  • three subject specialists;
  • (an) outside person(s) who in his/her/their own right is/are (an) expert/s in one or more branch of music

The term of office of all representatives is three years.
Normally at least one meeting of the committee is held every year, and that meeting must be held at the same place as the Council meetings.
Special meetings may be called on the authority of the Vice-Chancellor.
At least 14 days before the date of an ordinary meeting, the University Registrar must give each member due notice of the time and place of such meeting and of the matters to be dealt with.
At least 10 days' notice must be given of a special meeting.

Members of the committee for music examinations (1 January 2012-31 December 2014) University of South Africa

Strings Ms Zanta Hofmeyr
SASMT Representative Vacant
Other Instruments Dr Petrus Krige - Free State Dept of Education
Other External Members Dr J Mekoa - Music Academy of Gauteng
Mr Shadrack Bokaba - MD: JPO
Expert Mr Michael Masote - JBMF (Jr music training)
Unisa Council Member Prof Mogege Mosimege - University Registrar
Director: Unisa Directorate Music Ms Arisa Voges
Deputy Director: Professional Dr Mageshen Naidoo
Deputy Director: Unisa Music Foundation and Woodwind Dr Karendra Devroop
Subject Specialist Mr Sean Adams
Art History Visual Arts and Musicology Dr Marc Duby

No tuition is provided by the University in the courses/ instruments in which examinations are conducted. Candidates must make their own arrangements about tuition.

People who have difficulty in finding a teacher should contact the National Secretary of the South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT), PO Box 5318, Walmer, 6065, Tel (041) 366-1555 or the local branch of the SASMT.

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