Leading change

Unisa serious about substantive transformation, including economic transformation

Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business Development, was the keynote speaker at the landmark Enterprise Development Day for SMME suppliers at Unisa on 31 May 2018. Read more

Be brave, nobody else can be brave for you

When one hears the story of Tinevimbo Matambanadzo and the challenges she had to overcome in order to graduate, one will then truly understand the strength of a Unisa student. Read more

Fela’s music can decolonise international law in African universities

African law schools should find ways to disrupt a Eurocentric approach. Music, poetry, literature, and films could help do this, says Unisa's Babatunde Fagbayibo. Read more

Not up a blind alley but down a triumphal road to a PhD

In spite of his severe vision loss, Unisan Nico van Blerk has overcome all odds on his journey to a doctorate in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, which was awarded to him by the university on 9 May 2018. Read more

In defence of a human rights culture

The Unisa College of Graduate Studies and its Institute for Social and Health Sciences hosted the 13th Annual Peace, Safety and Human Rights Memorial Lecture at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg last month. Read more

Turning horse poop into power

SANEDI and Exxaro, together with Unisa’s IDEAS, are installing a biodigester at the EARTH Centre, an NPO that offers free therapeutic riding to physically and mentally challenged children and young adults who cannot afford it. Read more

Unisa and Limpopo Province sign MoU

The research agenda will focus on areas such as skills development, infrastructure development and management, economic growth, addressing poverty and inequality, and improved service delivery. Read more

Unisa takes its place in the sun

“Going solar makes cents.” Prof Godwell Nhamo, the incumbent of the Exxaro Chair in Business and Climate Change, explains how the university’s scaling up of solar energy uptake is changing the physical landscape of Unisa campuses. Read more

Unisa—finding solutions to problems

CSET ED Prof Bhekie Mamba has announced a strategic partnership with the EWSETA that will see R3 million provided to assist students in the work-integrated learning component of their studies. Read more

Make school management more integrated and inclusive

“Every primary school should strive to build a sustainable relationship with parents in order to achieve quality education, especially for developing countries,” said newly capped PhD Wakjira Gorman Mekonnen, Ethiopian MP, at his graduation at Unisa. Read more