Study at Unisa - Module information
Faith, Philosophy and Science
Module code: TIC3702
NQF level: 7
Credits: 12
Semester module
Offered as a part of: Diploma, Bachelor degree
Module presented in: English, Afrikaans

To help students explore the origin, history and contemporary debate between faith studies (theology, religiology and theories of faith), philosophy and sciences; make sense of everyday, philosophical and scientific sense making views and approaches; comprehend faith as one of many fields, modes or dimensions of daily experience; demonstrate that faith studies (= theology, religiology and theory of faith) is to be regarded as a science or a theoretical discipline; explore philosophies as interconnective theoretical wisdom; demonstrate that sciences are aware, overlapping and reflexive refinement of daily experience; make sense of fundamentalist, interpretation and consensual negotiation approaches towards texts, theories and human doings and introduction to the use of philosophical and scientific tools in use in everyday life and in various sciences.

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