Study at Unisa - Module information
Reading The Old Testament
Module code: OTS4803
NQF level: 8
Credits: 24
Year module
Offered as a part of: Honours degree
Module presented in: English

To acquaint students with the practice of exegesis. The purpose of exegesis is twofold: (1) to establish what the author(s) of a biblical book intended to communicate in the origiinal context (i.e. 'what the text meant'); (2) to establish whether this communication is still relevant for our day and age, and how it can be applied to a new context (i.e. 'what the text means'). It will introduce students to information which is important in order to read the books of the Old Testament with understanding. Information concerning the background, content, literary issues and the message of some of the books of the Old Testament will be studied. This will enable students to engage the Bible in a responsible manner.

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