Study at Unisa - Module information
Ordinary Differential Equations II
Module code: MAT4844
NQF level: 8
Credits: 12
Year module
Offered as a part of: Honours degree
Module presented in: English
Co-requisite(s): MAT4843

To introduce the learner to the behaviour and analysis of nonlinear systems, in particular nonlinear and forced oscillations. Solutions to linear differential equations can only behave in a fairly limited number of ways, but the presence of nonlinear elements may introduce totally new phenomena. Seemingly simple nonlinear differential equations can lead to unexpectedly complex solution structures. This module introduces analytical approximation methods as well as qualitative methods for analysing the behaviour of solutions to the nonlinear systems. Contents: Perturbation methods, forced oscillations, harmonic and subharmonic response, stability of periodic solutions, bifurcation, structural stability, chaos.

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