Study at Unisa - Module information
Group Financial Reporting
Module code: FAC3704
NQF level: 7
Credits: 12
Semester module
Offered as a part of: Bachelor degree
Module presented in: English, Afrikaans
Pre-requisite(s): FAC2601, FAC2602 & TAX2601. (FAC2601& FAC2602 only applicable to 02011 - MAC and 0202X - NEW).

To gain knowledge of and insight into, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to the preparation of financial statements, for the following subject matter: the consolidation procedures required for the preparation and presentation of group financial statements namely, business combinations, intragroup transactions, losses of a subsidiary, horizontal groups, vertical groups, complex groups, consolidated cash flow statements, changes in ownership, and the accounting treatment and disclosure of associates, joint ventures and joint operations, including any relevant deferred tax implications. It is recommended that a student either register concurrently for the FAC3701 module or have already passed it.

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