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Unisa honours first black Doctor of Laws graduates


One held the highest legal qualification in his country and is today regarded as a national hero. The other is one of SA’s foremost legal minds. Both were honoured by Unisa last week.

Unisa opens Sustainable Process Engineering Laboratory


The laboratory is located at the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa facility.

National health insurance will bridge rich-poor gap


Government will not use a “big bang” approach to roll-out the National Health Insurance (NHI) but an approach that will see the insurance being implemented in three phases over 14 years.

Unisa’s courageous investment in big ideas lauded


Speaking at Unisa’s Research and Innovation awards gala dinner, Minister Naledi Pandor said the advent of freedom in 1994 acted as a womb to nurture and grow higher education.

Bring back specialised SAPS crime-fighting units


If the average South African policeman can’t tell flour from cocaine, or headache pills from mandrax tablets, it’s no wonder drug dealers are getting away with murder.

Ebola comes under the microscope


An epidemic does not only affect the health care of a country, but has an impact on the economy, service delivery and the social dynamics of several countries.

Social grants are working, but…


They are not the solution to South Africa’s problem of deep and extensive poverty and high long-term unemployment, said Dr Wiseman Magasela of the national Department of Social Development.

Africa embraces the welfare state


While Latin American and European countries tend to provide social insurance to workers and former workers, the focus in South Africa is on assisting the urban and rural poor.

BRICS countries powering energy research


As SA faces regular load shedding, it is heartening to learn that the academics of BRICS countries are constantly working on innovative research to counter such criticality.

Flame Series sparks new ways of making sense


Unisa Press today officially introduces works of high merit and originality that move beyond the scope of traditional academic publishing.