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Hard work and dedication pays off for inspirational domestic worker


Thanda Gwija has completed her Bachelor of Education degree and hopes to inspire the young people of South Africa when she begins teaching.

Drink a cuppa on good health


South Africa’s much-loved bush tea has long been known to have great preventative and healing qualities—but this is the subject of exciting further research being done at Unisa.

Youth want changes that open up possibilities


Minister Buti Manamela believes the 2016 Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work is taking place at a time when young people want their issues to be addressed with urgency.

Quest for capacitating youth development professionals


The second Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work is taking place at Unisa from 8 to 10 March 2016.

Education, economy & society scoops award


Salim Vally and Enver Motala’s passionate argument that education finds its value and purpose in a focus on social justice, transformation, and democratic citizenship has won them the Unisa Press Hiddingh-Currie Award for 2015.

Be aware of risks and rewards of co-publishing with students


The more clearly and precisely co-authorship roles and requirements are spelt out upfront, in writing, the less likely it is that co-authoring relationships could turn sour and the more benefit everyone concerned will derive.

Be prepared for a different higher education sector


Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng, Vice-Principal of Research and Innovation, says Unisa needs to lead with ideas, because new ways of doing are always preceded by new ways of thinking.

Maths could help cure SA’s disease burden, says Health DG


SA’s already overburdened health system is coming under even greater strain as the country’s disease burden evolves, its demographics change, and antibiotics and other drugs prove increasingly ineffective.

BRICS symposium pursues growth in energy, materials and innovation


Unisa’s BRICS International Symposium for 2016 is all about collaborating in pursuit of growth and development in research and innovation.

Water reuse can make a difference


Prof Bhekie Mamba, Director of Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability, made a passionate plea that South Africans should consider using water reclamation and reused water for agricultural purposes