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Unisa congratulates matric class of 2012

The Department of Basic Education released the 2012 matriculation examination results on Thursday 3 January 2013. The pass rate of 73.9% was up from 70.2% in 2011.

Speaking of the class of 2012, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga referred to the fact that learners exiting Grade 12 in 2012 have become known as South Africa’s “born frees” since most were born in the year of the first free and democratic elections.

The Minister noted that the number of full-time candidates writing the National Senior Certificate examinations had increased from 496 090 in 2011 to 511 152 in 2012 – an increase of 15 062 candidates. The number of part-time candidates who wrote in 2012 was 81 552 compared to 80 116 in 2011 (an increase of 1436).

“In total,” she said, “262 question papers were set, 7.8 million question papers printed and written at 6611 examination centres, supervised by 65 000 invigilators. In total, 7.4 million scripts were marked by 39 039 markers at 118 centres.”

She also announced that to ensure that examination papers were pitched at an international standard, the department had embarked on an international evaluation of question papers in 2002, 2007 and 2010. “Question papers for selected subjects were evaluated by reputable international assessment bodies namely, Cambridge International Examinations, Scottish Qualification Authority and Board of Studies New South Wales. The 2011 benchmarking process also added an important dimension that included Higher Education South Africa.”

Many of these matrics will be enrolling at Unisa to further their studies. Unisa looks forward to welcoming the “born frees” in 2013.

*Written by Sharon Farrell

24 comments to Unisa congratulates matric class of 2012

  • Zimkhitha Krwana

    Im interested to finish my matric

  • kedibone

    i want to re-write my matric is the old syllabus



  • Well done to all matriculants.

  • Ntlhari Babane

    congratulation to all who were doing grade 12 last year(2012).you made us as your brothers to be proud.and wish you a good luck to your future.

  • Velomonche

    I’d really like to know though,if its possible to rewrite my matric via Unisa (old syllabus) cause. I’ve made numerous attempts to acquire info at our local branch but because of renovations they’ve supposedly relocated to an undisclosed venue,or atleast unbenounced to anyone who knows the protocol please holla at me on

  • Mthuzi Mathebula

    All the best to the matriculats, hope everything will go well.

  • mashudu


    well done to all matriculants of 2012 keep it up.This is the beginning of the journey towards success.

  • mthokozisi

    it’s hard out there

  • patrick Mosoma

    Well done class of 2012 matirculates, you nade the country proud

  • Patrick Mosoma

    Congratulations, Well done to all matriculate, you made the country proud.

  • Congradulations and happy new year to the best matriculants of 2012. The country is relying on your as the next group of generation to push our economy ahead professionally. My sincere advise is, please be careful and sure when choosing your tertiary qualifications as they will determine your field of work in completion. Do not choose qualification because is simple to pass or many people passed it in the past, but choose the career based on your enjoyment to the working field, scarcity of professionals in the country,but more importantly focus on your vision for the future in the society of our country. Congradulations and work hard to enjoy and achieve your tertiary studies with flying colours as well.

  • sbongiseni

    well done to all of you now that you have control of your future without your parent/guardian picking after you show responsibility keep your eye on the ball do not be one of those who started tertiary education but did not finish stay up do not go under

  • sbongiseni

    well done to all of you now that you have control of your future without your parent/guardian picking after you show responsibility keep our eye on the ball do not be one of those who started tertiary education but did not finish stay up do not go under

  • WENDY.T.

    PASSING MATRIC IS THE END OF NOTHING BUT THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING.TO THE 73% that passed welldone, now it is the beginning

  • A well-deserved congratulation nod to all matriculates, well done! Know that a pencil cannot write words without going into the sharpener. Be strong in your journey to future studies.

  • Congratulations to the class of 2013 and the ministry of basic education. UNISA stop saying its 73% becuase its 74%. How can we have universwity people that does not understand the principle of rounding of of figures. You were suppose to ask those who know sir.

  • portia makhanya

    I would like to apply to study Bcom at Unisa in 2013.

  • Congratulations to all matriculants who passed and to those who didnt make it keep on trying this is your future dont give up.

  • Njaiks

    Congratulations matriculants, welcome to the real world of challenges and responsibilities. lets embark together to this journey of furthering our studies for the brighter future.

    you’ll be required to add more effort but its achievable.



  • Thandokwakhe Ngcobo

    A well deserved round of applause.

  • Barend van der Merwe

    It is only after matric that the real hard work begins. I wish all the matric of 2012 the best for the future.

  • Peter Fanny Monare

    Congratulations to the 2012 matrics. We are hoping to produce responsible citizens and parents out of you. Citizens who will push this country forward and put it on the global economic stage. Parents who will give birth to, guide and prepare the next generation.

    Once again congratulations and all the best for the upcoming years.

  • Mathew E. Egu

    A jolly congratulations to the future leaders of South Africa. In contrast with the 73% average score in the country, the Nigerian educational authorities seems to be getting everything wrong. The national university entrance requirement has been reduced to below our erstwhile average score of at least 200 to 180 or even less out of 400. Although Nigerians are highly intelligent, with sumptuous educational qualifications, South Africa seems to be getting everything right in all modesty. Kudos to the dedicated teachers of this wonderful country. And also, to the regulatory authorities for letting educational diversity to thrive.

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