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Celebrating the International Day of People with Disability

Over one billion people, or approximately 15 per cent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability.

The International Day of People with Disability is observed across the globe every year on 3 December. The motivation behind the day is to promote the understanding of disability-related issues, demystify conceptions about disability and, most importantly, to remind the world about the human rights of people with disabilities. The day also celebrates the benefits of having people with disability integrated in all aspects of life.

Unisa’s Department of Inclusive Education, which is located in the College of Education, will commemorate the day by showcasing how quadriplegic and paraplegic persons learn, at a special Unisa event on 3 December 2012.

According to the head of the department Prof Nareadi Phasha, “this is our contribution to instil positive conceptions about people with disability”. She further mentioned that “we can only achieve inclusivity in education and society” if we take into consideration the needs of all people. Dr Cival Mills, a motivational speaker and author of  This Too will Pass and The Truth about Wheels, will share his expertise on quadriplegics, their technology and how they learn.

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  • I would like to thank optim-ed learning centre for their hard work over the years , as dealing with special needs children is not easy and they are trying their best.

    Thank you

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