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Unisa online - CSET gazes at the stars

Prof Derck Smith giving a presentation to learners
Prof Derck Smith giving a presentation to learners
Learners gazing at the stars
Learners gazing at the stars

Learners from nine schools in Atteridgeville that have been “adopted” by the College of Science, Engineering and Technology’s (CSET) Girl-Power Outreach Initiative recently attended an astronomy evening at Unisa.

Girl-Power arranged for 20 science students from each school to be brought to the university, where they experienced an evening filled with astronomy-related activities to stimulate their curiosity in science, engineering and technology.

The programme included a presentation (called “A Quick Tour of the Universe”) by Prof Smits, a show in a portable planetarium (which members of the Science Awareness Programme of the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory had inflated in the foyer) and videos on astronomical topics.

The highlight of the evening was when the learners had a chance to look through telescopes at various astronomical objects. After braving the chilly night air, the students headed back to the Theo van Wijk Building where they were each given a mug of hot chocolate. To everyone’s delight, the black mugs transformed when filled with hot liquid to display a magnificent astronomical image.

Judging by the “oohs!” and “aahs!” that were heard at the telescopes, the enthusiastic questions under the stars and the excited chatter around the TV crew, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all our visitors.

*Story submitted by Madimetsa Manyediwane

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