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Unisa online - Prof Gugu Moche joins the HEQC Accreditation Committee

Prof Gugu Moche, Executive Dean: College of Science, Engineering and Technology

The appointment of Prof Gugu Moche (Executive Dean: College of Science, Engineering and Technology) to serve on the Accreditation Committee of the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council for Higher Education for the period June 2012 – March 2014 has increased the already substantial number of Unisa academics serving on independent boards.

The Accreditation Committee is a specialist committee that supports the HEQC in the decision making process in relation to the accreditation status of programmes and overall implementation of the HEQC Accreditation Framework.

Prof Moche’s appointment is one of the demonstrations of the confidence the outside community has on Unisa and its academics. When asked about how she feels about the appointment, Prof Moche said that she is pleased to be part of this committee. “It will give me additional insights on how we can further strengthen our internal processes when creating our programmes,” she said. “It will also give me an opportunity to contribute to the academic project at a national level”, she added.

Prof Moche is not a novice in the field of quality assurance and oversight. Her current position and her previous employment add to the experience she brings to the committee. “It is humbling for me to be asked to serve as this puts me in the same group as other colleagues from other institutions whose knowledge of quality matters is very notable and thus providing opportunities for enriching engagements,” she said. Her specialisation is in the field of Mathematics.

The Accreditation Committee plays the quality assurance role in the accreditation of higher education programmes. They look into the quality and soundness of programmes before they get taught at higher education institutions. Members who serve on this programme are selected on the basis of their expertise.

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