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Unisa online - Florida RSC offers career guidance to Soweto and Hillbrow

Learners from Lobone High School in Soweto with staff from Unisa’s Florida RSC during a career guidance session at the school.

The Regional Service Centre recently participated in Unisa Information Session exercises at three places in the Greater Johannesburg area, emphasising the ODL imperative of Unisa.

The first place visited by the team from the Florida RSC was Lobone High School in Soweto.  Staff from the Centre joined other community leaders in advising learners on subject choices relating to careers preferred by learners. Unisa staff also introduced learners to MyChoice and advised them on different qualifications or study programmes being offered at Unisa.

From the Lobone High School in Soweto, the Florida RSC team also went to the “Fit for Life – Fit for Work Youth Project” in Hillbrow where they interacted with the youth group and encouraged them to further their studies. Majority of the youth belonging to the organisation have already passed Grade 12. The Florida RSC team informed the youth about career choices, application processes at Unisa, funding, support provisions and related services that are captured through the Student Walk.

The last stop for the team from the Florida RSC was the Anglican Church in Meadowlands, Soweto. This follows an invitation that the RSC received from the church to motivate the youth about the importance of studying. Parents also formed part of the audience.

The Unisa team interacted with the audience and informed them about the various forms of support provided at an ODL institution, including tutorials, PCL, discussion classes, careers, study requirements for these careers as well as requirements for a person to enrol for various study programmes. The team shared with the audience various study programmes offered at Unisa, the application process, as well as related services as captured in Student Walk.

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