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Unisa Press


Unisa Press is the only university press in Africa with a book and journal publishing programme. There is a clear subject-specific focus on the publication of peer-reviewed original research within an African context. This provides a unique platform for local researchers, while ensuring visibility for African scholarship around the world.

Our journals are distributed internationally and are listed on all major citation indexes. Distribution arrangements depend on the region of subscription.

We hope to publish material on new focus areas as per university themes. These include:

  • Knowledge generation and human capital development in response to the needs of South Africa and the African continent
  • The promotion of democracy, human rights and responsible citizenship
  • Innovation and capacity building in science and technology
  • Economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Open Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Indigenous knowledge systems

We sell our journals via subscription and also sell hard copies via print on demand.

New Journals

Gender Questions

International Journal of Educational Development in Africa (IJEDA)

Journal of Law, Society and Development

Oral History Journal of South Africa

Gender Questions is a peer-reviewed journal that is affiliated to Unisa’s Institute for Gender Studies and is published by Unisa Press.
The International Journal of Educational Development in Africa  is concerned with the improvement of education in Africa.
The Journal of Law, Society and Development which is housed in the Unisa College of Law publishes Multi- Inter- and Transdisciplinary peer-reviewed articles that support researchers.

This journal creates space for academics in collaboration with oral history practitioners, archivists and librarians to publish scientific papers in the field of oral history.

We sell our journals on subscription and we also sell hard copies printed on demand. We are in the process of updating journals pricing for 2016.