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Centre for Foreign and Comparative Law

Staff members

Academic staff
Director: Prof André Thomashausen
Dr Iur (Kiel); Assessor (Germany) 
Tel: 012 429 8428
Prof Thomashausen was appointed Director of the Centre in1984. He is a professor of international law at the University of South Africa and a qualified German barrister. He is also a sworn translator of the Supreme Court of South Africa in German, English, French and Portuguese. Prof Thomashausen has produced over 70 academic and general publications, read over 200 papers at national and international conferences, and has received the Exceptional Academic Merit Award of the University three consecutive times. He serves on the editorial boards of several law publications and has supervised and guided many postgraduate students from South Africa and abroad. Prof Thomashausen has gained extensive practical experience in legal corporate services, international contract negotiation, foreign investment legislation, and as a director and manager of companies. In particular, he acted as legal counsel for the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (1984-1986), for the establishment of the transitional Government of National Unity in Namibia (1984), in the Rome Peace Negotiations for Mozambique (1989-1992), and as Special Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Operation in Mozambique (1993-1994). Since 1999 he has also consulted on peace strategies for Angola.
Research Director: Prof Christian Schulze
Dr Iur (Göttingen); Assessor (Germany)
Tel: 012 429 8362
Prof Schulze was born and educated in Germany, and immigrated to South Africa in 1989. He joined the Centre as a Senior Researcher in April 1990 and now holds the position of Research Director. He is also a sworn translator of the High Court of South Africa in German and English. From 1 May 1996 until 31 December 1997, he was the Acting Director of CFCOL. Prof Schulze publishes regularly in South African and international academic journals and has delivered more than 500 expert opinions on private international law, as well as foreign and comparative law. He is responsible for the Institute's corporate and international trade law division and has also given expert evidence on foreign law in the High Court of South Africa on many occasions. Amongst other areas, Prof Schulze has specialised, since 1995, on the topic of Export Processing Zones, Free Ports and Free Trade Zones resulting in the publication of the book International Tax-free Trade Zones and Free Ports, published by Butterworths in 1997 is the only South African publication on this issue and has been followed up by several academic and general newspaper articles. In 2005 his book On Jurisdiction and the Recognition of Foreign Money Judgments appeared, and in 2007 the wide-ranging comparative law textbook Human Rights from a Comparative and International Law Perspective was released. Co-authored by Professors Church and Strydom, this work manages to condense three fields into one book. Both works were published by Unisa Press.

Senior Researcher:  Mr Zingisile N Jobodwana
Qualifications: (BA (fFort Hare); B.Proc (Unisa);
MA Hons (Law) (Wollongong) 
Tel: 012 429 8442

Mr ZN Jobodwana ("Jobs") was educated at the University of Fort Hare (Alice, Eastern Cape Province), the University of South Africa (Pretoria), and the University of Wollongong (NSW, Australia). In 1989, he joined the Center for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University as a human rights advocate. Mr Jobodwana has represented the African National Congress at the Observer Mission UN Human Rights Commission, and the UN Law of the Sea Conferences. He has served as a member of CFCOL since 1996.


Co-Editor of Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa (CILSA):  Mrs Helena Rudolph
Qualifications: (B.Bibl Hons (University of Pretoria))
Tel: 012 429 8391

Helena Rudolph obtained a B.Bibl Hons from the University of Pretoria and joined the Centre in March 1989, overseeing the editing and publication of CILSA, and the Institute’s annual reporting and public relations.