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last modified: 2012/11/19

Criminal and Procedural Law

Medical Law (LCR4802)

The Constitution and medical law. The South African health-care system. Regulation of the medical profession by the law. Contractual relations between doctor and patient and between doctors. Consent as basis for medical intervention. Emergency treatment. Legally recognised medical procedures. Therapeutic procedures, tissue and organ transplantation; unnecessary operations, cosmetic surgery; castration; sterilisation; scientific experimentation; artificial insemination; embryo transfer; in vitro fertilisation and surrogate motherhood; sex change; genetic engineering. Murder and culpable homicide. Delictual liability.

This course is designed to furnish specialist knowledge to lawyers who are called upon to advise doctors, hospitals or other health-care providers.

The course is presented by the following lecturer:

Mr LC Coetzee
Prof SS Nel
Me L Pienaar

Study Guide for LCR4802


  • The Constitution and Medical Law
  • The South African Health - Care System
  • Regulation of the Medical Profession by the Law
  • Contractual Relations
  • The Legal Basis of Medical Intervention
  • Legally Recognised Medical Procedures
  • Criminal Liabilty of the Doctor Murder and Culpable Homicide
  • Delictual Liabilty