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Centre for Business Management (CBM)

Short course in labour relations management principles

Qualification Code: 7193-5
The following information is relevant for the 2014 academic year.

Presented as an IN-HOUSE training programme only (NOT OFFERED IN 2014)

The importance of sound labour relations practices in South African organisations to ensure its long term success cannot be overemphasised. The importance of the afore mentioned was identified by various organisations and to satisfy a specific labour relations training need, the Centre for Business Management was requested to develop a short course in labour relations management principles. The purpose of this course is to equip line managers with the principles of labour relations management. The course is applicable to junior line managers.

Duration of the course
Three months

Registration requirements
A National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification is required for enrolment for this programme.  Persons not in possession of such a qualification will be considered for admission on the basis of alternative admission criteria such as relevant work experience (you will be required to submit proof of this in the form of your CV and references) or other prior learning.

Course Content
The learning content of the course consists of the following module:

Labour Relations Management Principles (SLRP019)

Part A: Labour Relations Management: Macro

  1. Topic 1: Labour relations: an Introduction
  2. Topic 2: Factors influencing labour relations management within the enterprise
  3. Topic 3: Aspects of the South African system of labour relations
  4. Topic 4: Relevant labour legislation

Part B: Labour Relations Management: Micro

  1. Topic 5: Worker empowerment through communication and participation
  2. Topic 6: Trade unions and their interaction with management
  3. Topic 7: Dealing with workers problems and grievances: coaching and counselling
  4. Topic 8: Discipline and terminating employment relationships
  5. Topic 9: The role of conflict and negotiation in labour relations
  6. Topic 10: Disputes and industrial action

Assessment and examination
Students will be assessed by means of assignments completed during the course of their studies and a formal three-hour (open book) examination.

To pass the course, a student must obtain a minimum mark of 50% in the examination.

On successful completion of the two modules students will be awarded a certificate by the University .

Credits and SAQA application
The Centre for Business Management is an intergral part of Unisa which is a public higher education institution established of its own statute and the Higher Education Act (Act no 101 of 1997).  As such, the institution does not a registration number (or accreditation number) as it does not require registration.  Registration numbers are allocated to private higher education institutions since they are required to register in terms of the same Act.  Therefore, the short learning programmes offered by the Centre of Business Management do not have to be accredited by SAQA.

Organisations can claim their education and training expenses for students registered with the Centre for Business Management from the relevant Sector Education Training Authority in terms of the levy/grant system, provided they meet the requirements of the Skills Development Levies Act.  A SAQA registration or accreditation number is not required for this purpose.

The short course in labour relations management principles consists of 8 credits and is offered on level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework.  

The course is offered inEnglish only.  However, the assignments and examinations may be written in English or Afrikaans, which are the languages of tuition of Unisa. 

Teaching method
Lecturers communicate with students by means of study guides supplied on registration, tutorial letters, the unique myUnisa website and e-mail.

Registration, commencing date and fees
Registration for the Short Course in Labour Relations Management Principles will take place as arranged with stake holders.

The cost is R1 430 (including tutorial matter, tuition and examination fees, but excluding textbooks and lectures). Lectures can be arranged at an additional cost. The full amount is payable on registration and is not refundable.

On receipt of your registration form and the amount payable, the prescribed tutorial matter as well as a unique student number, will be dispatched to you.

Payment may be made by means of cheques or credit cards. Please include a cheque in favour of the University of South Africa or your credit card details with the registration form.  Please do not include cash with your registration form.Direct bank deposits can only be made once a student number has been awarded. Therefore, should you wish to make use of this payment option, please submit your registration form to the Centre for Business Management. You will be notified of your student number and the banking details whereafter your registration will be finalised upon receipt of payment.

Enquiries may be directed to the Prof N Ferreira:  
Her contact details are as follows:

Tel:  (012) 429 3966
Fax:  086 6829 286