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postgraduate diploma in marketing management

Students must hold a bachelorís between, or a qualification regarded as equivalent by the Senate.

The curriculum comprises four modules in business management and three courses in marketing:

a) Business management 1: two modules (MNB101-D and MNB102-E)

b) Business management 2: two modules (MNG201-6 and MNM202-Y

This course may be taken only together with or after business management 1 (previously business economics 1) and only by candidates for this diploma.

c) Strategic marketing management ( STB400-V)
d) Consumers oriented marketing communication (CON400-E)
e) Marketing research ( BEM400-C)

Students are advised to register of for a maximum of three cources in their first year, and to distribute the courses for the curriculum over at least two years.

(see part 2, Calendar, pp 236-237, for more details.)


MNB101-D: Introduction to business management; general management; marketing management; public relations.

MNB102-E: financial management; operations management; purchasing management; human resource management; contemporary management issues.

MNG201-6: the nature of general management; planning; organizing; leading; control.

MNM202-Y A market-driven approach to marketing management; information for environment; consumer behaviour ; market segmentation; information for marketing management; overview of marketing strategy development.

STB400-V: nature of strategic marketing; strategic environment analysis; realizing competitive advantage; market investment decision.

CON400-E overview of marketing communication; analysis of target market; the marketing communication plan; advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity.

BEM400-C: the SA market; marketing process; data processing; statistical testing; presentation of research report; pecialised areas of marketing research.

(See Part 3, Calendar 2002 fo more details)