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Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL)

MBA - Master of Business Administration degree

This course is intended for any person with an Honours Degree or Postgraduate Diploma and aims to introduce the student to the more advanced building blocks of management. A wide range of topics are covered within the period of two years. Topics cover a range of managerial knowledge including human relations, marketing, accounting, finance, operations, information management, supply chain management and business research. The programme explores different managerial perspectives and encourages the development of key skills.

What is the MBA?

The primary purpose of this MBA degree is to prepare students to become innovative and dynamic managers in a broad range of organisations, including entrepreneurial organisations as well as private and public institutions. Furthermore, the purpose is to foster strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in a global business context. Finally, the qualification will enable students to solve complex business problems through critical analysis of a dynamic and global business environment.