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Biblical and Ancient Studies

Biblical and Ancient Studies

The Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies is the result of the 2012 merger of two departments that have a long history in South African Higher Education: Old Testament & Near Eastern Studies and New Testament & Early Christian Studies.

With currently forty-two staff members, administrative officers, postdoctoral fellows, and contract workers, the department is among the biggest academic departments of biblical scholarship not only in Africa but also in the world. We are privileged to offer courses and modules in a range of academic disciplines, such as Old and New Testament, Classical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Judaica, Biblical Archaeology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, and Early Christian Studies.

The department hosts four academic journals and the academic staff is actively engaged in academic societies with high quality publications and presentations in conferences every year.

About courses and degrees offered by our department, see here the 2013 College of Human Sciences: Theology Brochure.

For more information on each of the two units of our Department, please follow the links below: