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College of Economic and Management Sciences

Unisa excels in QE1 exam

Mr Wiid Rossouw

Unisa’s School of Accounting Sciences again made a major contribution to the accounting profession with 585 of its students passing part 1 of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ (SAICA) qualifying examination to become chartered accountants.

The cherry on top was that a Unisa student, Mr Wiid Rossouw, obtained the fourth highest marks in the examination. He works at GB&G Registered Auditors/Chartered Accountants in Cradock in the Eastern Cape.

A total of 1987 students from 14 universities passed the examination, which means Unisa students were more than 29% of the total number. The Part 1 Qualifying Examination (QE) results of The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) were released on Friday, 30 March.

According to Prof Elmarie Sadler, deputy executive dean of of CEMS, the college is really excited about the large number of students from previously disadvantaged groups that passed the exam. This group represents 50,5% of the total number of Unisa students that passed. Of the total number of African students that passed, 31% (151) were from Unisa. Unisa students also represented 30% of all Coloured students that passed. This is the highest number of students from the designated groups that passed from all 14 universities that participated in the examination.