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The First Unisa International ODL Conference

About the First Unisa International ODL Conference

Since the development of and approval of an ODL Policy at Unisa in 2008, Unisa has grappled with the various dimensions of being and becoming an ODL institution. A seminal moment in this journey was the ODL project in 2010-2011 investigating various issues regarding Unisa being and becoming an ODL institutions such as our admission criteria and our programme qualification mix (PQM) as a comprehensive ODL institution; our understanding of student support, technology-enhanced teaching, learning and student support, assessment, student communication, the role of our regional offices and centres and understanding and predicting student retention and success.

During September 2011 Unisa hosted a very successful Teaching and Learning Festival celebrating insights and progress made in our ODL journey.

As a culmination of our journey in being and becoming an ODL institution in the service of humanity, Unisa will host the first Unisa International ODL conference from 5 to 7 September with the theme: “Open distance learning in digital, open and mobile futures”.