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Human Resource Management in Education - 3rd Edition

Human Resource Management in Education - 3rd EditionPublished by Unisa Press, First edition, first impression


G M Steyn and EJ van Niekerk





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338 Pages


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About the book

This new edition follows the second edition of 2006. In this revised edition, we introduce more educational policies that have numerous implications for educational managers. These policies require educational managers to create a conducive environment where firm collegial relationships are established for effective teaching and learning. At the core of these policy initiatives is a thrust towards democratisation of the principles by which schools are governed and managed. These processes and structures involve institutional autonomy, school-based management, self-management, site-based management and participative decision-making.

Educational managers require and deserve all the help available to turn the avalanche of reforms into workable practices. Human Resources Management in Education seeks to contribute helpful advice and assistance to educational managers to address numerous management problems and challenges.

The topics covered include resourcing and development (staffing, induction, professional development and staff appraisal), empowering people (staff motivation, effective communication, conflict management and stress management) and stimulating individual and team performance (self-management, team management and leadership). Human Resources Management in Education is intended to guide educational managers through the main issues, not simply in problem-solving, but also in contextualisation. Furthermore, the third edition of Human Resources Management in Education aims to facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes in human resource management.

Prof GM Steyn and Prof EJ van Niekerk's involvement in formal courses on education management have brought them in direct contact with the practical problems that educational managers experience in the school setting. They have both published a substantial number of articles and chapters in books on various educational topics.


Section 1: Resourcing and development                                                            1
1 Staffing and staff induction                                                                                    2
2 Professional development                                                                                   41
3 Staff appraisal                                                                                                         69

Section 2: Empowering people                                                                             107
4 Staff motivation                                                                                                       108
5 Effective communication                                                                                      140
6 Conflict management                                                                                           170   
7 Stress management                                                                                              210

Section 3: Stimulating individual and team performance                              235
8 Self-management                                                                                                  236
9 Working with teams                                                                                               259
10 Education leadership                                                                                          292

Index                                                                                                                            235