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my Studies @ Unisa 2012

my Walk @ Unisa

You are on Level 3 of your walk at Unisa, which is the teaching & learning phase. This is your journey and only you can determine the destination. However, with the right commitment to your studies and by making use of the many support services available to you at Unisa, this can be a successful journey with a positive outcome your qualification.

Each one of these levels has a set of products which includes a brochure, a website, a mobi site, a CD and DVD, touchscreens and more.

  1. Choose & apply

    During this stage, you must choose Unisa, choose a career and a qualification, and apply to study through Unisa. Once Unisa has accepted your application, you must register. The products for this level of the student walk are known as my Choice @ Unisa.
  1. Registration

    During this stage, you must confirm your qualification, choose your modules for the semester or year, complete the registration form and pay the minimum fees. Once your registration has been finalised, you can register on myUnisa to connect to Unisa and download your study material. The products for this level of the student walk are known as my Registration @ Unisa.
  1. Teach & learn (you are here)

    This is the stage that you are in. If you are a first-time Unisa student, it may feel overwhelming at first, but there are many ways that you can form a study support system. Take advantage of all the support services that Unisa has to offer and read this brochure thoroughly to familiarise yourself with what is on offer. Please also take the time to read through the administrative and procedural information before you begin.

    In addition to this brochure, you will also have received your Tutorial letters 101 and study guides this study material is your guide to your studies for the year. The products for this level of the student walk are known as my Studies @ Unisa.
  1. Graduate & lifelong learning

    Once you have graduated you will join the group of Unisa alumni. During this phase you can choose to remain in contact with the university and other alumni. The brochure for this level of the student walk is known as my Link @ Unisa.