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my Studies @ Unisa 2012

Step 3 - Plan

Please look at the steps below – these are the activities and tools you will need to study effectively at Unisa. We suggest that you work through this section in full to understand exactly what you will need to do to study and prepare for assignments and examinations.

Planning for studying

Before you start with your detailed study planning and working through the study material, do and think about the following:

  • Find a quiet study area where you can concentrate and not be disturbed – it should also be a place where you feel peaceful and like to be.
  • Make a “vision board” of your reasons for studying – include words and/or pictures – anything that will help you understand and visualise the outcome once you have finished studying. This can be a great motivator when times are tough.
  • Think about whether you study better in the morning or evening, and how much study time is optimum before you need a break.

By doing this, you will be able to create a detailed study schedule that you can stick to.

Read all Tutorial letters 101
Read your study guides and plan your study time
Study and do assignments
Writing examinations
Stay focused on your future