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College of Education



Teacher resources

Department of Basic Education (DBE) - link to the new school workbooks:

Select  a school in your area for teaching practice. This link is to a South African schools register as shown on the website of the Department of Education: Schools Master-List.

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) aims to enhance the status of the teaching profession, and to promote the development of educators and their professional conduct.
An online platform where key stakeholders in education can connect, collaborate and participate to make a discernible difference to the future of our children.

SAQA: South African Qualification Authority Board:
The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is a juristic person appointed by the Ministers of Education to advance the objectives of the NQF; to oversee the further development of the NQF; and to co-ordinate the sub-frameworks.

Gauteng Education Department:
Its mission is to ensure quality learning and teaching take place in the classroom every day.

Higher Education South Africa:
Its vision is to be the unified body of leadership in a transforming, dynamic and diverse system of higher education.

Matriculation Board:
Provides information and guidance on the role and requirements of HE in South Africa to learners at schools, teachers, parents, FET colleges and prospective HE students; and links HE programme and qualification pathways to future career directions and possibilities.

The 5th Annual Teachers at a Distance Conference: