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College of Education

Schools, departments & centres

The College of Education is made up of the School of Education, the School of Teacher Education, the Centre for Continuous Professional Teacher and Community Education and Training, the Unisa Centre for Early Childhood Education (UCECE) and the Teaching Practice Unit.


The flagship 500 Schools research project, explores the scope of challenges facing the South African education system, with an intention of generating targeted solutions. Other research projects include the Vhembe School Project and the International Journal of Educational Development in Africa.

Academic profiles

The College of Education has well qualified, experienced and dedicated academics in a variety of disciplines such as Adult Basic Education and Training, Education Management, Inclusive Education, Curriculum Studies, Curriculum Studies and Technology Education.

Community engagement

There are currently 26 Community Engagement (research) projects taking place across the College of Education. These include the Dynamics of Violence in Schools Project, the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Outreach Intervention and the Science Outreach in KwaZulu-Natal.