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Master's & doctoral studies

Make the right choice

Your academic achievements up to now prove that you’re a successful student. Postgraduate study, however, demands a different approach. Not only must you learn from existing knowledge, you must think independently.

This means working on your own a lot more, considering more, reflecting more and coming to more of your own conclusions. As a postgraduate student, consider your path carefully before embarking on this journey.

You will also need to plan. And some points to consider in the planning process include

  • setting goals
  • setting practical timelines in which to achieve those goals
  • managing yourself and your time
  • keeping your plan flexible and adaptable to change
  • refining your study techniques as you progress

On a personal level, remember to

  • maintain a positive attitude
  • stay focused
  • be adaptable
  • work hard

You'll also need support and inspiration from your supervisor, mentor, family and friends.