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Master's & doctoral studies

Minimum amount payable at registration

Coursework examination modules

A minimum fee amount is payable by the closing dates for registration for each module for which you register, as well as the outstanding balance by the relevant due dates (refer to the prescribed fees for master's degrees).

Research proposal module and research masters and doctoral degrees

If you are registering for the Research Proposal Module or the research component (dissertation of limited scope, dissertation or thesis), you must pay your fees in full before your registration will be finalised for the relevant academic year (refer to the prescribed fees for master's degrees and the prescribed fees for doctoral degrees).

All fees must be paid into the correct bank account with the correct reference number or else the university will not be able to process your registration before the relevant closing date. In the case where a letter from an employer/sponsor comfirming that they assume responsibility for payment is supplied, the university can provide the employer/sponsor with a quotation.

Registration will only be activated upon receipt of the minimum payment by the relevant closing date. Unisa does not issue invoices to companies or government departments. Compulsory miscellaneous fees, where applicable, are also payable on registration. These include the levy for students in foreign countries.

It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that the employer/sponsor pay the fees in time. No late payments will be accepted. It is advisable for a student to pay his/her fees and claim it back from the sponsor.