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Unisa Foundation

Investing in the next generation

South Africa is facing an increasingly aging academic labour market. The sustainability of the university system is dependent on investing in the next generation of academics and researchers.

The recently published report by Higher Education South Africa (HESA) on the next generation of academics notes that reproducing a new generation of academics without concomitant attention to redress and social equity for black and female academics, is likely to reproduce inequities that characterised apartheid higher education. According to the report, the overall task is therefore to produce and retain a new generation of academics and simultaneously the historical and social composition of the academic work force. The situation at Unisa mirrors the national picture.

In response, the university and the Department of Higher Education and Training will be jointly investing R229 million over three years on a number of programmes designed to address this challenge. The need significantly exceeds available resources. In this regard, international partners, agencies and foundations are ideally placed to support these programmes.

Teacher development

Teacher and skills development in Maths, Science and Technology

The Unisa Foundation raises funds for a variety of projects under the broad heading of teaching and skills development. The majority of these projects focus on the critical teaching skills shortages in Maths, Science and Technology. Examples of these types of projects, which have attracted corporate support include the following:

  • A project supporting An Advanced Certificate in Education a joint project undertaken in association with the sponsors of the programme and Unisa academics
  • School Management Programme - a successful programme initiated by Unisa in KwaZulu Natal, now being extended to the Mpumalanga province