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Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology

Departmental Research Outputs

Musicology research output

Art South Africa


  • DUBY, M, 2008. The secret life of instruments: Musical Practice and Actor-Network-Theory, W. SIMS, ed, in: Proceedings of the 28th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education, 20-25 July 2008 , International Society for Music Education (ISME), 89-92.
  • DUBY, M, 2012. Instrument Teaching in South African Higher Education Institutions: At the Center or on the Periphery? W. SIMS, ed, in: Proceedings of the 30th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education, July 2012, International Society for Music Education (ISME), 107-113.                           
  • DUBY, M, 2013. Singing the body electric: Real-time and virtual performance, C. NARDI and E. MONTANA, eds, in: Proceedings of the 16th International IASPM Conference: Situating Popular Musics, 27 June - 1 July 2011, 103-110.                                                    
  • DUBY, M, forthcoming. Understanding the songbird: Some aspects of pattern in musical composition and perception. International conference on creating and teaching musical patterns, 16-18 December, Kolkata, India
  • RAMBAU, L A and DUBY, M, 2014. 31st World Conference of the International Society for Music Education, 20-26 July 2014, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Title: Music in the making. Music and community education in Ribungwani village, South Africa


  • DUBY, M, 2013. The Consul at sunset: Representing Lowry's Mexico in song. Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, 18(2), 18-35.
  • DUBY, M, 2013. ‘Reminiscing in Tempo’: The Rainbow and resistance in 1980s South Africa. South African Music Studies, 33. 81-100.
  • DUBY, M, 2014. ‘Alweer die Alibama?’ Reclaiming indigenous knowledge through a Cape Jazz lens. Submitted to Muziki, undergoing final editing. Online from 4 April 2014.                                    
  • DUBY, M, forthcoming. ‘Knowledge in the hands’: A phenomenological framework for assessing live ensemble performance. Submitted to Musicus, undergoing peer review.


  • DUBY, M, forthcoming. Cascudo & Palacios, eds. Music, metaphor, and the body: Perspectives from philosophy and neuroscience. Undergoing peer review.
  • DUBY, M, chapter proposal. ‘Somewhere between Bob Dylan and Love’: the strange case of Rodriguez and South Africa. Submitted to Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter.
  • DUBY, M, chapter proposal. ‘Fanfare for the warriors’: Jazz, education, and control in apartheid South Africa and after. Submitted to Transnational Studies in Jazz series (Routledge).
  • DUBY, M, chapter proposal. ‘A unique way of being’: Music and Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception. Submitted to The Thing Itself – Performance Phenomenology (Palgrave).
  • DUBY, M, chapter proposal. ‘New ways of being South African’: Canon formation in SA jazz education. Submitted to Unisa’s Contesting Freedoms colloquium for inclusion in forthcoming book.

Visual Arts and Art History research output


  • Van Haute, B. 2007. Flemish Paintings of the Seventeeth Century in South African Public Collections. Pretoria: Unisa Press.
  • Miller, G. 2007. Digital Projects. In Anderson, FB (ed). 2007. The Journey to Freedom Narratives. Pretoria: UNISA Press.

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