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Bright Site Project

Current research project 3:
Sunny Side And/Or Shady Side? Amplifying The Experiences Of The Elderly Regarding Their Living Conditions And Their Resilience Demonstrated In Present-Day Sunnyside, Tshwane

Author: Prof AH (Nicky) Alpaslan, Department of Social Work, University of South Africa (

Article currently under review for publication in Acta Academica

This article describes the experiences relating to the living conditions of a sample of older people who reside in Sunnyside, Tshwane.  Based on the narratives of the older people who participated in this research project and the meanings they attached to their experienced living conditions in Sunnyside, it was concluded that Sunnyside has both a sunny side and a shady side for these people.  Through their way of looking at and approaching life, and their resilience demonstrated they seem to be coping with the shady side of Sunnyside.  Contrary to what might have been expected, the pros related to the sunny side of their suburb, seem to outshine the cons of its shady side.

The research participants during the feedback session at Nebo hof in Sunnyside. Prof Alpaslan shared the results of the research with the participants of the research.

Prof Alpaslan (in the middle) and the two
ward councilors of Sunnyside at the feedback meeting on the elderly in Sunnyside.

Prof Nicky Alpaslan, Mrs Tasleen Daffurn (networker) and his research team (4th level students) who conducted the research in Sunnyside on the elderly living in Sunnyside.