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Research Institute for Theology and Religion

Staff members

Research Staff

Prof CW du Toit (DD) (Department Head)

Prof Cornel du Toit heads the Research Institute for Theology and Religion (since 1993). He is project leader of the South African Science and Religion Forum (SASRF) as well as the Forum for Religious Dialogue (FRD) which focuses on current theological and societal issues. Research interests: Science and religion; Christian ethics; Philosophy; hermeneutics; African studies.

Tel: 012 429 4870
Publications list (PDF)

Prof C Landman (DTh, MA) (Professor)

Prof C Landman is responsible for the initiation and administration of research projects. She does research and publishes research findings. She is a Study leader / promoter of post-graduate students and an active member in community service. Prof. Landman is the Editor of SHE-journal and specialises in oral history, counselling and gender studies. She is the editor of the newly established "Oral History Journal of South Africa", (with Unisa Press as the publisher) and of three OHASA conference proceedings volumes. 

Tel: 012 429 4309            
Publication list (PDF)

Prof V Molobi (DTh) (Associate Professor)

Prof V Molobi is responsible for the initiation and administration of his research projects and publishes research findings. Prospective projects are: Pentecostalism in South Africa; Faith and Earthkeeping Project; African Indigenous Churches (AIC’s); African Traditional Religion

Tel: 012 429 4671

Prof I Swart (BA.; BA Hons; MA; BTh; MA; DPhil) (Professor)

Prof. Swart occupies the position of Professor with the Focus on Research. His research focuses on development-related topics across  the theological and social science disciplines. Amongst his most recent publications are books, book chapters and articles on the themes of “Religion and social development in post-apartheid South Africa”, “Welfare, religion and gender in post-apartheid South Africa”, “Religion and social capital research in South Africa”, “Development research as a new field in South African practical theology” and “The social economy as a research agenda in South Africa”.

Tel: 012 429 4836 

Prof MS Tshehla (BTh, BTh Hons, MTh, PhD) (Associate Professor)

Prof MS Tshehla is an Associate Professor, whose research interests include African religious philosophy and sacred texts and  neophyte writings (especially the 19th century missions context

Tel: 012 429 4387
Publications list (PDF)

Dr W Bentley (BTh; BA Hons (Theology); BA Hons (Psychology); MA; PhD) (Chief Researcher)

Dr Bentley is a Chief Researcher and has the following research interests: Church-State and Society, Ecclesiology, Christology, Wesleyan theology and Science and Religion

Tel: 012 429 4026
Publication list (PDF)

Administration Staff

Ms M Phukuile (Secretary at the RITR)

Ms M Phukuile deals with all enquiries and she assists to arrange RITR seminars.

Tel: 012 429 4864

Ms N Fouche (Publications and Marketing Officer)

Nonnie Fouché is the Publications and Marketing Officer in the Research Institute for Theology and Religion. She is responsible for the processing of all publications within the RITR as well as the marketing of the activities and publications of the RITR and updating, upgrading and maintaining of the theological address lists and E-mail address lists that are used for the marketing of RITR activities.

Tel: 012 429 4407