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Viewed from the shoulders of God: Themes in science and theology

Cornel W du Toit (2007)

Technoscience is manifestly putting pressure on religion. Religion is widely perceived as evolutionary scaffolding that propped up human¬kind in its childhood, but now we have reached adulthood it serves no further purpose and must be demolished. We take responsibility for our society and human dignity ourselves. That does not necessarily mean living in a post-religious phase with no values, justice or morality.

The aim of the science-religion debate is not to ‘rescue’ religion from science but to clarify humankind’s apparently incorrigible religiosity, and to reconcile faith in the transcendent with our knowledge of the physical cosmos. Christianity offers countless ways to accommodate belief in a personal god and personal salvation within the parameters of technoscience. The courage to face up to the challenges of our times is not dependent on just a handful of religious interpretations. To a great extent human spirituality has become secular, finding transcendence inter alia in immanence. Thus the premise of this book is that we should have the guts to accept the multifaceted biological nature of existence without surrendering the values that are essential for the human spirit to survive. The angle is basically Christian, with due regard to the input of other religious traditions.

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