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Communication Students Association

Communication Students Association

The Communication Students Association (COMSA) was formed in 1993 by communication students as an intervention of bridging the gap that exist between theory and practice with communication studies at UNISA. COMSA aims at introducing communication students to the market field and involving them in community projects. Examples of such exposure are training workshops in broadcasting, journalism, public relations and corporate communication. By so doing COMSA provides Communication Science students with practical experience and an opportunity to network with renowned communication practitioners.

Vision, Mission & Goal:

Building leadership of high integrity”, is our mission!COMSA strives to see its members become leaders of “high integrity” therefore posing Unisa communication students as the most suitable candidates in the work place. COMSA aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice and introducing students to the work place.

Means of Communication

As Comsa and as communication science students we try to create as many ways possible
to communicate with the students.