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Undergraduate & honours studies

The Unisa journey

The Student Walk is a unique four-stage journey each Unisa student must take to comply with administrative requirements, maximise their Unisa experience and ultimately succeed. The stages are as follows:

  • Choose & apply
  • Register
  • Teach & learn
  • Graduate & lifelong learning

Step 1: Choose & apply

When you’re sure that Unisa is right for you and have chosen a qualification, apply for admission during the prescribed application periods. You can only apply online or by visiting a Unisa regional office to submit your application online.

If your application for admission to study through Unisa is incomplete, you will have to re-apply during the next application period. No incomplete applications will be considered.

Step 2: Register

Unisa will inform you once your application has been approved. Visit the website at for registration information and registration dates (semester 1: December - January; year modules: December - February; semester 2: mid June - mid July), and to register online during the relevant registration period.

Step 3: Teach & learn

After you've registered successfully, you'll receive your study material and the my Studies @ Unisa brochure. This tells you how to access your study material online. The internet plays a vital role in the learning process at Unisa, as does discipline, commitment and hard work. A Unisa qualification behind your names opens many doors, but like everything of value, open distance learning is not an easy path. .

Step 4: Graduate & lifelong learning

Once you graduate, you join the group of Unisa alumni. We encourage our alumni to remain in contact with Unisa for networking and academic opportunities, as well as the mentoring of new students.