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Systems, Process Management and Quality Assurance

Telecentre Community Outreach

In line with Unisa’s open distance learning (ODL) principles, the SPMQA division of DISS is responsible for establishing collaborative agreements with telecentres throughout the country. (Telecentres are private facilities situated in various provinces across South Africa and are equipped with computers connected to the internet, printers, photocopiers, scanners, faxes, telephones, and the like.) The purpose of this initiative is to reach out to the rural and remote students nationally by providing them with access to internet/computer facilities for academic purposes. To ensure effective and efficient service, telecentres have administrators available to assist students.    

Student access at the telecentres

An electronic student login system has been deployed at the telecentres to enable students to register their access (visits) when using the telecentre facilities.  All student access (visits) are registered electronically to ensure efficient and verifiable information about each telecentre and the access by each student.

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