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Unisa Press

Close to the sources: Essays on Contemporary African Culture, Politics and Academy

Maurice Taonezvi Vambe
Published by Unisa Press and Taylor & Francis
Item 8069, 2009, 172pp, soft cover
ISBN 978-1-86888-549-7
SA Price: R175,00 /
Africa: R194,00(Airmail incl)
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African Culture, Politics and Academy

This is one of the first books in Africa to explore the status and critical relationships between politics,  culture, literary creativity, criticism, education and publishing in the context of promoting Africaís indigenous knowledge systems. The bookís main themes are built around literary culture, the role of meta-criticism and education in post independence Africa. While building on the theoretical blocks of Cabralís works, the book assimilates insights from some important sources of scholarship in Africa and creates space for itself to - revise and extend Amilcar Cabralís concept of the Return To The Source and introduce in critical ways, notions of inter-, cross-, and trans-disciplinary approaches to the
understanding of African culture, politics and the academy.

The book combines and links the analysis of politics, creative works of art, and literary criticism, to educational as well as publishing trends in Africa.