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The SAVUSA Series
Rozenberg (Amsterdam) - Unisa Press (Pretoria)

Thinking diversity, building cohesion

musical sense & meaning

the ndebele NATION

Hannah Arendt's

From Our Side:


About the Series

The SAVUSA (South Africa Vrije Unversiteit Strategic Alliances) Series of books focuses on the broad concept of culture in the spirit of progressive emancipation and academic capacity building, while a close eye is held on social relevance for stimulating processes of sustainable development in South Africa.

This Series aims to publish scientific, yet broadly accessible texts on historic and contemporary issues in South and Southern Africa.

The SAVUSA Series is copublished by Rozenberg Publishers (the Netherlands) and Unisa Press (South Africa).

Series Editor: Harry Welz, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Editorial Board:
Dr Ineke van Kessel, African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands
Prof Kees van der Waal, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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