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Unisa library donating procedure


The procedure ensures that donors are respected in all their dealings with the Unisa Library and that donors receive appropriate appreciation and recognition that encourages on-going support.

Archival acquisition

The archival manuscript collections in the Unisa Library Archives are made up of donations with a small percentage of purchased materials. Donations are only accepted on the following conditions, to which the donors must agree in writing:

  • The material will be permanently housed in the Archives and no original document will be allowed to leave the Archives
  • The material will be made available to researchers in the Reading Room of the Archives and a limited number of copies are allowed for research purposes. In special cases, a time embargo may be placed on certain records
  • The copyright remains with the donor in case of original materials
  • Archival materials will be appraised, arranged, described and a finding-aid will be created in accordance with accepted archival standards
Collection acquisition 

The Unisa Library welcomes donated material which complies with the University's teaching and research requirements

  • Acceptance of material is made in accordance with the Library's collection development guidelines as supplied by the IR Development Section
  • The donor is required to sign a form renouncing all rights to the material that has been donated
  • The Library assumes immediate and unconditional ownership of the donation once the form has been signed
  • Unisa Foundation shall provide statements for income tax purposes if required (provided that there is monetary value attached to the donation)

Conditions of acceptance

The Library reserves the right to accept or decline donations, and to dispose of unwanted resources in accordance with its collection development guidelines. Donated resources are only accepted on the understanding that they become the property of the Library. As a general principle, the Library will not accept conditional donations where restrictions are placed on the use or accommodation of the resources

All resources accepted as donations are processed into the collection in the same manner as those acquired by purchase. The Library will decide on the appropriate location of the resources, appropriate time line and determine issues of retention and future weeding

Donations to Library partners

Items can be donated by the Unisa Library if they are:

  • No longer recorded as an asset of the university ( withdrawn from stock
  • Duplication of current titles

Requests by outside institutions or individuals for stock to be donated by the Unisa Library should be directed to the Library Donor Relations Coordinator

  • The request form should be completed
  • The request will only be considered if subject interests are specified by the requester
  • The request will be evaluated by the Donor Relations Coordinator;

To arrange for a meeting:

Contact : Bridgette Masango

Tel : +2712 429 3385

Address : Samuel Pauw 5-12
P O Box 392
Unisa 0003
South Africa