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Community engagement

Welcome to Community engagement

Unisa Community Engagement  and Outreach Policy is firmly set within its virson of being the African university in the service of humanity. In the context of Unisa, community engagement refers to initiatives and processes through which the expertise of the institution in the areas of teaching and research are applied to address issues relevant to its community to the mutual benefit of the community  and the institution.
Unisa Institutional Operational Plan specifies growing community engagement initiatives as one of its goals. This goal is supported by two strategies:
  • Redefine the scope and extent of community engagement  in the context of ODL
  • Build an enabling environment for community engagement.
CSET as a member college of the university supports the communty  engagement strategies of Unisa. The colleges are guided by these strategies and are focused on the three flagship projects that capture the assence of its vision.
CSET has actively engaged with the community through three flagship projects, which are:
  1. I-SET
    It is a community Engagement Flagship Project of Unisa for the College of Science Engineering and Technology (CSET) and also for Research and Innovation. Read more.

  2. GirlPower
    This project is an attempt to ensure that we as a College contribute to increasing the cohort of girls who are ready and prepared to undertake higher education studies in science, engineering and technology. Read more.

  3. MathsEdge
    This is an academically-inspired initiative of CSET, which recognises the fact that mathematics is important to all of the disciplines in the college, but it is often seen as being out of the reach of the everyday world by many potential learners. Read more.

These projects are designed to entice young learners into Science, Engineering and Technology and also help them overcome the fear of subjects which form the foundation of the scientific fields.