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Mathematical Sciences


Course lecturers

Some modules have more than one lecturer listed. Please contact the first lecturer for your module, unless instructed otherwise. In some cases, the preferred methods of communication are provided by myUnisa. Please consult tutorial letter 101 for more information.

Module Lecturer
APM1513: Applied Linear Algebra Dr. Kubeka
APM1514: Mathematical Modelling Dr. Kubeka
APM1612: Mechanics 2 Dr. Doungmo Goufo
APM2611: Differential Equations Dr. Doungmo Goufo
APM2614: Applied Dynamical Systems Prof. Batubenge & Dr. Moremedi
APM2616: Computer Algebra Dr. Munganga & Dr. Doungmo Goufo
APM3701: Partial Differential Equations Dr. Munganga & Prof. Jafari
APM3711: Numerical Methods II Dr. Moremedi
APM3712: Mechanics and Calculus of Variations Prof. Jafari & Dr. Kamga Pene
APM3713: Special Relativity and Riemannian Geometry Mrs. Prozesky
AST1534: Spherical Astronomy and Kepler Orbits Prof. Smits
AST1631: General Introduction to Astronomy Mrs. Prozesky
AST2651: The Structure and Evolution of Stars Prof. Smits
AST2652: The Structure and Evolution of Galaxies Ms. Skelton
AST2655: Astronomy Practical Ms. Skelton
COS2633: Numerical Methods 1 Dr. Kamga Pene
EMT4801: Engineering Mathematics IV Dr. Manale
MAT0511: Access to Mathematics Dr. Ighedo & Dr. Ghosh
MAT1503: Linear Algebra Dr. Godloza & Dr. Mpono
MAT1510: Precalculus Mathematics A Dr. Kamga Pene & Dr. Manale
MAT1511: Precalculus Mathematics B Prof. Maritz
MAT1512: Calculus A Mrs. Mugisha & Dr. Doungmo Goufo
MAT1581: Mathematics I (Engineering) Ms. Greyling & Dr. Godloza
MAT1613: Calculus B Dr. Lindeboom
MAT2611: Linear Algebra Prof. Hardy & Prof. Botha
MAT2612: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics Prof. van Aardt
MAT2613: Real Analysis Prof. Batubenge
MAT2615: Calculus in Higher Dimensions Mrs. Mugisha
MAT2691: Mathematics II (Engineering) Ms. Greyling & Prof. Hardy
MAT3700: Mathematics III (Engineering) Ms. Greyling
MAT3701: Linear Algebra Prof. Botha
MAT3702: Algebra Dr. Mpono & Dr. Godloza
MAT3705: Complex Analysis Dr. Lindeboom
MAT3706: Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. Ghosh
MAT3707: Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics Prof. van Aardt
MAT3711: Real Analysis Dr. Ighedo
XAT1503: Linear Algebra Mr. Ali
XAT1510: Precalculus Mathematics A Dr. Huntley
XAT1511: Precalculus Mathematics B Dr. Faleye
XAT1512: Calculus A Dr. Faleye
XPM1513: Applied Linear Algebra Mr. Ali
XPM1514: Mathematical Modelling Dr. Huntley
XST1534: Spherical Astronomy and Kepler Orbits Mr. Ali
XST1631: General Introduction to Astronomy Dr. Huntley

Module Lecturer
HMAPM80: Applied Mathematics Research Methods Prof. Jafari & Prof. Hardy
HRAPM81: Applied Mathematics Research Project Prof. Jafari
HMAST80: Astronomy Research Methods Mrs. Prozesky
HRAST81: Astronomy Research Project Prof. Smits
HMMAT80: Mathematics Research Methods Dr. Mpono
HRMAT81: Mathematics Research Project Prof. Hardy
APM4801: Cosmology Dr. Kubeka
APM4802: Continuous Time Stochastic Processes Dr. Rapoo
APM4804: Introduction to General Relativity Dr. Kubeka
APM4805: Mathematics of Optimization Theory Prof. Hardy
APM4806: Riemannian Geometry and Tensor Calculus Prof. Batubenge
APM4808: Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations Dr. Moremedi
APM4809: Optimal Control Dr. Kamga Pene
APM4810: An Introduction to the Finite Element Method Prof. Maritz
APM4811: Applied Functional Analysis Prof. Maritz
APM4812: Introduction to Mechanics of Fluids Dr. Munganga
AST4870 — AST4879 Prof. Smits
AST4880: Galaxies I Prof. Smits
AST4883: Radiative Processes Prof. Smits
AST4884: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. Smits
MAT4831: Measure Theory and Integration I Dr. Ghosh
MAT4833: Group Theory Dr. Mpono
MAT4834: Rings and Fields Dr. Godloza
MAT4835: Set Theory Prof. Batubenge
MAT4836: Topology Dr. Ighedo
MAT4837: Introduction to Category Theory Prof. Alderton
MAT4838: Category Theory Dr. Ghosh
MAT4841: Functional Analysis I Dr. Lindeboom
MAT4842: Functional Analysis II Dr. Lindeboom
MAT4843: Ordinary Differential Equations I Dr. Manale
MAT4844: Ordinary Differential Equations II Dr. Manale
MAT4845: Graph Theory I Prof. van Aardt
MAT4846: Graph Theory II Prof. van Aardt
MAT4847: Partial Differential Equations I Dr. Munganga
MAT4848: Partial Differential Equations II Dr. Moremedi
MAT4857: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I Prof. Botha
MAT4858: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra II Prof. Botha