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Mathematical Sciences


Course lecturers

Module Lecturer
APM1513: Applied Linear Algebra Dr. Kubeka
APM1514: Mathematical Modelling Dr. Kubeka
APM1612: Mechanics 2 Dr. Doungmo Goufo
APM2611: Differential Equations Dr. Ghosh
APM2614: Applied Dynamical Systems Prof. Batubenge
APM2616: Computer Algebra Dr. Munganga
APM3701: Partial Differential Equations Dr. Munganga
APM3711: Numerical Methods II Dr. Moremedi
APM3712: Mechanics and Calculus of Variations Dr. Kamga Pene
APM3713: Special Relativity and Riemannian Geometry Mrs. Prozesky
AST1534: Spherical Astronomy and Kepler Orbits Prof. Smits
AST1631: General Introduction to Astronomy Mrs. Prozesky
AST2651: The Structure and Evolution of Stars Prof. Smits
AST2652: The Structure and Evolution of Galaxies Ms. Skelton
AST2655: Astronomy Practical Ms. Skelton
COS2633: Numerical Methods 1 Dr. Kamga Pene
EMT4801: Engineering Mathematics IV Dr. Manale
MAT0511: Access to Mathematics Dr. Ighedo
MAT1503: Linear Algebra Dr. Godloza & Dr. Mpono
MAT1510: Precalculus Mathematics A Dr. Faleye & Dr. Kamga Pene
MAT1511: Precalculus Mathematics B Prof. Maritz
MAT1512: Calculus A Mrs. Mugisha
MAT1581: Mathematics I (Engineering) Ms. Greyling
MAT1613: Calculus B Dr. Lindeboom
MAT2611: Linear Algebra Prof. Hardy
MAT2612: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics Dr. Doungmo Goufo
MAT2613: Real Analysis Prof. Batubenge
MAT2615: Calculus in Higher Dimensions Mrs. Mugisha & Dr. Doungmo Goufo
MAT2691: Mathematics II (Engineering) Ms. Greyling
MAT3700: Mathematics III (Engineering) Ms. Greyling
MAT3701: Linear Algebra Prof. Botha
MAT3702: Algebra Dr. Mpono & Dr. Godloza
MAT3705: Complex Analysis Dr. Lindeboom
MAT3706: Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. Ghosh
MAT3707: Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics Dr. Doungmo Goufo
MAT3711: Real Analysis Dr. Ighedo
XAT1503: Linear Algebra Mr. Ali
XAT1510: Precalculus Mathematics A Dr. Huntley
XAT1511: Precalculus Mathematics B Dr. Faleye
XAT1512: Calculus A Dr. Faleye
XPM1513: Applied Linear Algebra Mr. Ali
XPM1514: Mathematical Modelling Dr. Huntley
XST1534: Spherical Astronomy and Kepler Orbits Dr. Huntley
XST1631: General Introduction to Astronomy Dr. Huntley

Module Lecturer
HMAPM80: Applied Mathematics Research Methods Prof. Hardy
HRAPM81: Applied Mathematics Research Project Prof. Maritz
HMAST80: Astronomy Research Methods Prof. Smits
HRAST81: Astronomy Research Project Prof. Smits
HMMAT80: Mathematics Research Methods Prof. Hardy
HRMAT81: Mathematics Research Project Prof. Hardy
APM4801: Cosmology Dr. Kubeka
APM4802: Continuous Time Stochastic Processes Dr. Rapoo
APM4804: Introduction to General Relativity Dr. Kubeka
APM4805: Mathematics of Optimization Theory Prof. Hardy
APM4806: Riemannian Geometry and Tensor Calculus Prof. Batubenge
APM4808: Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations Dr. Moremedi
APM4809: Optimal Control Dr. Kamga Pene
APM4810: An Introduction to the Finite Element Method Prof. Maritz
APM4811: Applied Functional Analysis Prof. Maritz
APM4812: Introduction to Mechanics of Fluids Dr. Munganga
AST4880: Galaxies I Prof. Smits
AST4883: Radiative Processes Prof. Smits
AST4884: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. Smits
MAT4831: Measure Theory and Integration I Prof. Johnston
MAT4833: Group Theory Dr. Mpono
MAT4834: Rings and Fields Dr. Godloza
MAT4835: Set Theory Dr. Godloza
MAT4836: Topology Dr. Ighedo
MAT4837: Introduction to Category Theory Prof. Alderton
MAT4838: Category Theory Dr. Ghosh
MAT4841: Functional Analysis I Dr. Lindeboom
MAT4842: Functional Analysis II Dr. Lindeboom
MAT4843: Ordinary Differential Equations I Dr. Manale
MAT4844: Ordinary Differential Equations II Dr. Manale
MAT4845: Graph Theory I Prof. van Aardt
MAT4846: Graph Theory II Prof. van Aardt
MAT4847: Partial Differential Equations I Dr. Munganga
MAT4848: Partial Differential Equations II Dr. Moremedi
MAT4857: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I Prof. Botha
MAT4858: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra II Prof. Botha

Masters and Ph.D.
Module Lecturer
MPSET93: Master's Research Proposal Module Prof. Maritz
DPSET03: PHD Research Proposal Module Prof. Maritz