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Student Admissions and Registration

Vision and mission

To provide a one-stop user-friendly, supportive service to students, so that the students pursuit of an academic qualification progresses administratively as smoothly as possible.

To implement strategic directions and further options and developments in distance learning, sound academic administration processes as well as the maintenance and development of a suitable infrastructure and skilled staff component to ensure an uninterrupted user-friendly support and advisory service to prospective and registered students as well as other clients and stakeholders.

  • Services offered to the Unisa student
  • Advise and register students
  • Registration control and follow up actions
  • Administer special university admissions on behalf of students
  • Provide an administrative service to students
  • Provide an administrative support service to students
  • Qualification control and the issue of certificates
  • Advise academic decision makers in terms of rules and regulations
  • Provide regional registrations
  • Staff training and development
  • Quality assurance
  • Compilation of undergraduate and postgraduate lists of prescribed books
  • Compilation and provision of Calendars