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Bright Site Project
Unisa Bright Site Project: Sunnyside

What's new?

  • Bright Site Project gets nominated for a global prize
  • Certificate ceremony at the Bright Site Project


Welcome to, and thank you for visiting our website! So what is the Bright Site Project all about? In January 2009 the Department of Social Work at Unisa, with the sanction from the University’s executive management, initiated the Unisa Bright Site Project in collaborative consultation with the stakeholders and the community of Sunnyside in Pretoria. The Bright Site Project continues to grow and a second urban and rural site is being developed in another region, namely Durban.

The vision statement of the University of South Africa (UNISA), which is “to be the African University in the service of Humanity” inspired this exciting project. The vision of the project itself, namely, “Unisa and communities engaged in mutual service”, lives out the entwined visions by encouraging students to learn while they serve communities. The project also creates opportunities for Departments across all Faculties to become involved in community engagement initiatives, community based research and applied research responsive to societal needs.

All learning experiences at the Bright Sites are facilitated and informed by continuous engagement with the community and students. We strongly adhere to the principles of a participative person centred approach.  Communities are directly involved, take ownership of the projects, and benefit directly from the project.  The project is also aligned with the mission to utilise resources and capacities of the University in community development initiatives and collaborative partnerships with stakeholders in the communities that are served. It contributes to develop a culture of social responsibility and volunteerism among staff and students.

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