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Centre for Public Law Studies

SA Public Law

Volume 24 nr 1 & 2 2009


    The treatment of female complainants who are victims of sex crimes in the criminal justice system: Evaluating prejudices with a view towards achieving a balancing of interests (24/1) Fawzia Cassim

    Some comments on the sweet and bitter of the National Environmental Law Framework for ‘Local Environmental Governance’ (24/1) Anél du Plessis

    Promoting Clean Development Mechanism Implementation in South Africa: Law and policy (24/1) Louise du Toit

    The black sheep comes home – incorporating mining into the Environmental Impact Assessment Regime under the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (24/1) Tracy Humby

    Whose morality? Towards a legal profession with an ethical content that is African (24/1) Freddy Mnyongani

    A suspect’s right to be informed (24/2) BC Naudé

    The relationship of constitutional and private law in Germany (24/2) Dr Hannes Rösler

    Transformation of military courts (24/2)

    Aifheli Tshivhase

    The role of sustainability in the adjudication of the right to access to adequate water (24/2) Linda Stewart and Debra Horsten

    A debate as old as the hills: Three arguments considered on whether constitutional review by the judiciary should be introduced in the Netherlands (24/2) Gerhard van der Schyff


    Land affairs and rural development; agriculture: 2009 (1) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar and Nic Olivier

    Land matters and rural development: 2009 (2) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar and Nic Olivier

    Onrus en geweld: 2009 (1) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier

    Onrus en geweld: 2009 (2) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier

    Thorny branches of the ‘tolerated weed’: Some remarks on the protection of journalists (24/2)Thea Illsley

    HIV/AIDS, vulnerability and the Constitution: Can access to social assistance protect the most vulnerable? (24/2)Amanda Pieterse-Spies

    The United Kingdom’s new Supreme Court highlighted (24/2) Gerhard van der Schyff

    Is subdivision of agricultural land part of municipal planning? (24/2) Jeannie van Wyk

    Guardian of the Constitution – Constitutional Review and the South African Constitutional Court (24/1) Prof Marinus Wiechers

Case notes      

    Gumede v President of the Republic of South Africa: Harmonisation, or the creation of new marriage laws in South Africa? (24/1) Prof Jan Bekker and Prof Gardiol van Niekerk

    When is a decision a decision? (24/1) Margaret Beukes and Isabeau Southwood

    Which is the appropriate forum when hate speech occurs in the workplace: The equality court or the labour court? (24/2) Anton Kok

    The right of blind and visually impaired citizens to vote in secret: Is there a duty to do more? (24/2) Thembinkosi Wilson Maseko The involuntary isolation of patients with XDR-TB: The term ‘health service’ in section 7 of Act 61 of 2003 interpreted too broadly? (24/2) Annelize Nienaber

    The right to vote: Section 39(2) and the limits of conforming interpretation under the Electoral Act 73 of 1998 (24/2) Lebogang Nkuna

    Outdrawn by a USB: The sheriff and technology in Anton Piller orders (24/2) David Taylor

States of Statelessness: Politicide and Constitution in the African Postcolony

    (Published in SAPR/PL 24/2)

    Papers presented at a Symposium held at Unisa from 3-5 August 2009 under the auspices of the National Research Foundation Project ‘Locations of Literature in Global Contexts’ on the theme of ‘States of Statelessness: Politicide and Constitution in the African Post-Colony’

    Referate gelewer tydens ’n simposium aangebied by Unisa onder die beskerming van die Nasionale Navorsingsraad-projek ‘Locations of Literature in Global Context’ aangebied onder die tema ‘States of Statelessness: Politicide and Constitution in the African Post-Colony’ van 3-5 Augustus 2009.

    Symposium overview Ulrike Kistner

    Sovereignty in question: Agamben, Schmitt, and some consequences Ulrike Kistner

    The shadow and its shade:  A response to Ulrike Kistner’s paper ‘Sovereignty in question’ Johan van der Walt

    Archiving colonial sovereignty: From ubuntu to a jurisprudence of sacrifice Stewart Motha

    State-building and the political construction of ethnic identities in Rwanda  Anthony Court

    The state and politics in a post-colonial, global order. Reconstruction and criticism of a Levinassian perspective Ernst Wolff

    Migration, street democracy and expatriate voting rights Wessel le Roux

    Constitutional patriotism or constitutional nationalism? A response to Wessel le Roux’s paper

    Karin van Marle


The Advisory Committee of the VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies resolved in 2009 to introduce some changes to SA Publiekreg/Public Law to reflect more comprehensively the challenges which face southern Africa as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. In line with this decision, this will be the final edition of SA Publiekreg/Public Law in its current form. From 2010 the journal will be known as SA Public Law or ‘Southern African Public Law’. The journal will continue to be published bi-annually as a peer reviewed journal, fully accredited on the Department of Education’s list of accredited journals.

A special word of appreciation to each and every contributor, reviewer, editor and reader of SA Publiekreg/ Public Law for his or her input over the past 24 years. We look forward to your continued support of the journal and believe that the new-look journal will continue where the old one left off.


Die Advieskomitee van die VerLoren van Themaatsentrum vir Publiekregtelike Studies het in 2009 besluit om SA Publiekreg/ Public Law te verander ten einde die uitdagings wat suider-Afrika op die vooraand van die tweede dekade van die 21ste eeu in die gesig staar, meer volledig te reflekteer. In ooreenstemming met die besluit is hierdie die laaste uitgawe van SA Publiekreg/Public Law in sy huidige gedaante. Vanaf 2010 sal die tydskrif bekend staan as SA Public Law of ‘Southern African Public Law’. Die tydskrif sal steeds as ’n portuur-geëvalueerde en volledig geakkrediteerde tydskrif twee keer per jaar gepubliseer word.

’n Spesiale woord van dank aan elke bydraer, beoordelaar, redakteur en leser van SA Publiekreg/Public Law oor die afgelope 24 jaar. Ons glo dat u steeds die tydskrif in sy nuwe gewaad sal ondersteun waar dit in die voetspore van sy voorganger sal volg.

Volume 23 nr 1 & 2 2008


    Legal mechanisms for cooperative governance in South Africa: Successes and failures (23/1) Willemien du Plessis

    The ‘new learning’ and transformation of contract law: reconciling the rule of law with the constitutional imperative to social transformation (23/2)L Hawthorne

    ‘De macht der gewoonte’ Een Belgische kijk op constitutioneel gewoonterecht (23/2)Frank Judo

    Observations and suggestions on the use of the official languages in national legislation (23/2)

    Koos Malan

    Confronting the problem of polycentricity in enforcing the socio-economic rights in the South African Constitution (23/)

    Christopher Mbazira

    The African Children’s Charter versus the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A zero-sum game? (23/)

    Benyam D Memzur

    Customary initiation rites and the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 (23/1)

    Isabel Moodley

    The impact of HIV/AIDS on bail, sentencing and medical parole in South Africa (23/1)

    Christa van Wyk (23/1)

    Restrictive conditions – why fiddle with a recipe that works? (23/2)Jeannie van Wyk


    Land matters: 2008 (1) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar and Nic Olivier

    Land matters: 2008 (2) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar and Nic Olivier

    Onrus en Geweld: 2008 (1)Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier 147

    Onrus en geweld: 2008 (2)Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier

    Causation as primary requirement for the exclusion of unconstitutionally obtained evidence (23/2) Bobby Naude

    The certification of true copies in the digital environment: Responsibilities of commissioners of oaths (23/2) David Taylor

Case notes      

    Judicial recognition of substandard medical treatment in South African public hospitals: The slippery slope of policy considerations and implications for liability in the context of criminal medical negligence (23/1) Pieter Carstens

    The Equality Act in the Constitutional Court (23/2)Gretchen Carpenter

    The evolution of the operation of the doctrine of estoppel in public law and interpretative methodology in RPM Bricks (Pty) Ltd v City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality 2007 9 BCLR 993 (TPD) (23/1)George Devenish

    The socio-economic nature of section 24(b) of the Constitution – some thoughts on HTF Developers (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (HTF) (23/1)Loretta Feris

    Abdication of judicial responsibility, cultural self-determination and the development of customary law: Lessons from Shilubana (23/2) Douglas Mailula

    The challenge of legal pluralism (23/1) Gardiol van Niekerk

Volume 22/2 2007


    Like a dog: Constitutionalism in JM Coetzee’s Disgrace Adam Gearey 307

    When worlds collide: An essay on morality Irma J Kroeze 323

    Constitutional, legal and ethical issues regarding the regulation of cloning in South Africa Magdaleen Swanepoel 336

    Death with dignity in lieu of euthanasia Magda Slabbert and Carina van der Westhuizen 366

    Deterrence and capital punishment Patrick Lenta 385

    African women with disabilities: The victims of multilayered discrimination Ilze Grobbelaar-du Plessis 405

    The utility of international human rights law on informed consent in the protection of clinical research participants in Africa: ‘The road less travelled’ Annelize Nienaber 422

    The act of state doctrine in South Africa: Has Kaunda settled a vexing question? Dire Tladi and Polina Dlagnekova 444

    Drawing the boundaries between terrorism and crimes against humanity Gus Waschefort 457

    Making public knowledge, making knowledge public: Information obligations effect truth-in-lending and responsible lending L Hawthorne 477

    Section 4 of PAJA: The constitutional standard for participative provisions in land use management Emile Raubenheimer 491

    The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill and vulnerable witnesses: A missed opportunity Deon Erasmus 507


    The Law Reform Commission’s proposed Interpretation of Legislation Bill:

    Critical comments Wessel le Roux 520

    Onrus en geweld: 2007(2) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier 532

    Land matters: 2007(2) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar and Nic Olivier 548

Case notes

    Child rape and the development of the common law Masiya v Director of Public Prosecutions CA Mienie 576

    The maintenance of a widow of a polygynous customary marriage

    Kambule v the Master of the High Court Isabel Moodley 584

    The requirement of furnishing ‘adequate’ reasons: An empty promise?

    Muckleneuk/Lukasrand Property Owners and Residents Association v The MEC: Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, Gauteng Provincial Government Margaret Beukes and Isabeau Southwood 595

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Volume 22/1 2007


    Wandering about South Africa’s new protected areas regime Alexander Paterson 1

    Revisiting the South African integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) regime: A critical survey of recent developments Louis J Kotzé 34

    Democratic legislation and administrative action in view of recent case law JJ Malan 61

    Democratising review: Justifiability as the animating vision of administrative law Richard Stacey 79 The institutional and legal framework for combating drug trafficking in Zambia Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda 104

    Towards a more cooperative local government: The challenge of District Intergovernmental Forums Coel Kirkby, Nico Steytler and Janis Jordan 143

    Insolvent municipalities? An analysis of the debt relief mechanisms at the disposal of municipalities and the disappearance of the ‘advantage of creditors’ Rolien Roos and Leonie Stander 166

    The reappraisal and restructuring of chapter 9 institutions K Govender 190

    An ‘anomaly tolerated by law’: Examining the nature and legal significance of the International Sports Governing Body Andre M Louw 210


    Forgiving without forgetting: Forgiveness and the TRC Lucy Alais 255

    Onrus en geweld 2007(1) Willemien du Plessis, Juanita Pienaar en Nic Olivier 264

    Land matters: new developments 2007(1) Juanita Pienaar, Willemien du Plessis and Nic Olivier 272

Vonnisbesprekings/Case notes
Kinders se reg op alternatiewe gepaste sorg Centre of Child Law v The MEC for Education saak no 19559/06 (T) Linda Jansen van Rensburg 295
Guidelines for authors 304

Volume 21/2 2006


    Beyond repair: Accomplice liability under international law and the Apartheid Reparations case Mia Swart 229

    The EC-Asbestos dispute and its implications for a transforming SADC:

    Is the dust refusing to settle? Lonias Ndlovu 246

    Judicial review of legislation in an unfamiliar constitutional environment:

    The United Kingdom experiment Chuks Okpaluba 263

    A legal analysis of corporate social responsibility: A comparative approach Lilia Franca 286

    The law of the father, emotions and equilibrium Narnia Bohler-Muller 299

    Behoort homoseksuele lewensmetgeselle toegelaat te word om te trou? ’n Kritiese beoordeling van Minister of Home Affairs v Fourie Johan Beukes 315

    The re-emergence of ubuntu Thino Bekker 333

    The appointment process of judges in Zimbabwe and its implications on the administration of justice Lovemore Madhuku 345


    Getting golf estates right … Jeannie van Wyk 371

    Directory provisions, section 39(2) of the Constitution and the ontology of statutory law Wessel le Roux 382

    Onrus en geweld 2006(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 402

    Land matters: new developments 2006(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 414

Case notes

    The constitutional status of a school governing body: An organ of state or not? Fanyane ka Mdumbe 437

    Administrative law in relation to a domestic tribunal established by contract. George Devenish 445

Book reviews

    John Peterson and Michael Shackleton The institutions of the European Union (2nd ed) Gerhard van der Schyff 456

    Tim Koopmans Courts and political institutions: A comparative view Gerhard van der Schyff 457

Volume 21/1 2006

    Seminar proceedings: Gated communities Introduction 2. Enclosed property and public streets A J van der Walt 3

    Planning law, crime control and the spatial dynamics of post-apartheid street democracy Wessel le Roux 25

    Private space – ‘private citizen’: What kind of cities are we creating? Karina Landman 51

    The safety and dangers of enclosed communities: Space, social justice and the emotions Leslie J Moran 72


    The limitation of fundamental rights by imposition of sentence GM Ferreira and M Steyn 96

    The will of the state, consent and international law: Piercing the veil of positivism Dire Tladi and Polina Dlagnekova 111

    Some legal consequences of the merging of higher education institutions AB Leslie and JG Mowatt 123

    Faction rule, (natural) justice and democracy Koos Malan 142

    Appropriation of funds as a requirement for the validity of government contracts involving the spending of public funds Tomas Floyd 161


    Should whites necessarily qualify as ‘claimants’ for the purposes of land restitution? Kevin Hopkins 175

    Onrus en geweld 2006(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 185

    Lan matters: new developments 2006(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 195

Case note
Breaking down the boardroom doors with a snigger and a smirk – laugh it off laughs last Jason Brickhill 214

Book review

Costas Douzinas and Adam Gearey Critical Jurisprudence: The political philosophy of justice Narnia Bohler-Müller 224

Volume 20/2 2005

Focus: Ten years after Makwanyane


    Broken lives and deaths and the potential of politics after Makwanyane Karin van Marle 243

    Vertical sovereignty and horizontal plurality: Normative and existential reflections on the capital punishment jurisprudence articulated in S v Makwanyane Johan van der Walt 253

    The story of an African value Narnia Bohler-Muller 266


    Metaphors and mirages: Some marginalia on Choudhry’s The Lochner era and comparative constitutionalism and ready-made constitutional narratives Stuart Woolman 281

    Matrix Iuris: Travels in the hyperreality of law Irma J Kroeze 320

    AZAPO, the TRC and restorative justice: A retrospect Patrick Lenta 335

    MEAs and the WTO: The Vienna Convention to the rescue W Scholtz 365

    The capacity of government to conclude contracts: Still an unlimited power? Tomas Floyd 378

    Political blitz on a constitutional trench Koos Malan 397


    PAJA v labour law Dhaya Pillay 413

    Onrus en geweld: 2005(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 427

    Land matters: new developments 2005(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 435

    Saakbespreking/Case note
Marrying domestic partnerships and the Constitution: A discussion of Volks NO v Robinson 2005 5 BCLR 446 (CC) Liezl Wildenboer 459

Volume 20/1 2005


    The meaning of ‘organ of state’ in the South African Constitution Fanyana ka Mdumbe 1

    When things fall apart: Ethical jurisprudence and global justice Narnia Bohler-Muller 29

    The ‘new’ South African National Defence Force Gretchen Carpenter 42

    Geregtigheid, billikheid en demokrasie – ’n oorweging van onderskeidinge en onderliggende beginsels Koos Malan 68

    Legal consequences of the construction by Israel of a wall in the occupied Palestinian territory: South Africa’s contribution to the advisory opinion of

    the International Court of Justice André Mbata B Mangu 86

    The Khosa case – opening the door for the inclusion of all children in the child support grant? Linda Jansen van Rensburg 102

    The decision-making power of the head of the Department of Education to expel learners M Carnelley 128


    What do we mean when we talk about transformative constitutionalism? Marius Pieterse 155

    Statutory mechanisms to enforce judgment debts against the state Rolien Roos 167

    Onrus en geweld: 2005(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 176

    Land matters: new developments 2005(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 186

Saakbespreking/Case note

    ‘Alienating’ socioeconomic rights? Khosa v Minister of Social Development; Mahlaule v Minister of Social Development 2004 6 BCLR 569 (CC) Gretchen Carpenter 209

    The Constitutional right to freedom of expression Phillips v Director of Public Prosecutions (Witwatersrand Local Division) 2003 4 BCLR 357 (CC) Douglas Mailula 222

Boekbespreking/Book review

David Dyzenhaus (ed) The unity of public law Jacques de Ville 238

Volume 19 – special edition 2004

Editorial 485

Judicial review of administrative action

Foreword 487

    Administrative law as regulation: The paradox of attempting to control and to inspire the use of public power Cynthia R Farina 489

    The scope of judicial review of administrative action and the changing rule of law: some comparative reflections Rainer Grote 513

    An audit of administrative action and the South African statute book: Research methods and conceptual issues Jonathan Klaaren 532

    The developing doctrine of substantive protection of legitimate expectations in South African administrative law Geo Quinot 543

    Post-apartheid fragments: law, politics and critique The time of reconciliation Johan van der Walt 572

    Lives of action, thinking and revolt – A feminist call for politics and becoming in post-apartheid South Africa Karin van Marle 605

    Bridges, clearings and labyrinths: the architectural framing of post-apartheid constitutionalism Wessel le Roux 629

    A call for a nuanced constitutional jurisprudence: Ubuntu, dignity, and reconciliation Drucilla Cornell 666

    The public aspect of private property André van der Walt 676

    Equality, dignity, and the politics of interpretation Henk Botha 724

Volume 19/2 2004


    A South African reading of Frank Michelman’s theory of social justice AJ van der Walt 253

    Venturing into the unknown: ‘Service-learning’ and the teaching of environmental law Tracy-Lynn Field 308

    Access to legal abortion: developments in Africa from a reproductive and sexual health rights perspective Charles Ngwena 328

    Models of regional integration: The European Union and the African Union Gerrit Olivier and Michele Olivier 351

    Demarcating provincial and local powers regarding liquor retail Jaap de Visser 365

    Electoral reform and female representation in South Africa’s National Assembly Sarah A Nolan 378

    Die opgeblase status van die regtersamp in Suid-Afrika as geregtigheidsremskoen: Opmerkinge oor die regstaatlike behoefte aan aanspreeklikheid van die fundamentele gesag vir skending van fundamentele regte van regsubjekte JMT Labuschagne 394


    The failure of the Constitution to ensure integrated environmental management from a co-operative governance perspective Carin Bosman, Louis Kotzé and Willemien du Plessis 411

    Developers, municipalities, wrong decisions, liability and the Constitution Jeannie van Wyk 422

    Constitutional values and the rule of law. They don’t mean whatever you want them to mean Kevin Hopkins 433

    Native title Down Under: From hot tub to preservation of evidence – mediation in complex land claims Bertus de Villiers 440

    Onrus en geweld: 2004(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 449

    Land matters: new developments 2004(2) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 456

Saakbespreking/Case note
‘Has the literal/intentional/textual approach to statutory interpretation been dealt the coup de grace at last?’ Fanyana ka Mdumbe 472

Boekbespreking/Book review
Yutaka Arai-Takahashi The margin of appreciation doctrine and the principle of proportionality in the jurisprudence of the ECHR Gerhard van der Schyff 482

Volume 19/1 2004


    Alien vegetation and fires: (when) are land owners liable? Emma Witbooi 1

    Globalisation and the rule of law: socio-economic reflections John Hund 25

    An overview of developments in constitutional property law since the introduction of the property clause in 1993 AJ van der Walt 46

    Government contracts and the fettering of discretion – a question of validity Phoebe Bolton 90

    Justiciability, constitutional adjudication and the political question in a nascent democracy: South Africa (part 2) Chuks Okpaluba 114

    Reason, science and progress: Observations on the process of secularisation of South African law JMT Labuschagne and JC Bekker 132

    Where have all the young men gone? The impact of HIV/Aids on informal social security systems and care for the elderly Adriette Hendrina Dekker 152

    Children of poverty and child benefits in South Africa Tukishi Manamela 161


    Unpacking integrated environmental management – a step closer to effective co-operative governance? Johan Nel and Willemien du Plessis 181

    Towards a human rights culture in South Africa’s higher education policy and practice with specific reference to the right to equality John C Mubangizi 191

    Onrus en geweld: 2004(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 201

    Land matters: new developments 2004(1) Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 212

Saakbespreking/Case note
Of prostitutes, pimps and patrons – some still more equal than others? Gretchen Carpenter 231

Book review
Clare Ovey and Robin White The European Convention on Human Rights (3rd ed) Gerhard van der Schyff

Volume 18/2 2003


    Liability of corporate officers for environmental offences Michael Kidd 277

    Administrative action affecting the public: section 4 of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 and the regulations made in terms of section 10 of the Act Margaret Beukes 289

    Hoffmann v South African Airways and HIV/Aids in the workplace: subjecting corporate ideology to the majesty of the Constitution Charles Ngwena and Siile Matela 306

    Justiciability, constitutional adjudication and the political question in a nascent democracy: South Africa (part 1) Chuks Okpaluba 331

    A new human rights era dawns on Africa? Kevin Hopkins 349

    Presidential pardons: Constitutional necessity or political nuisance? Some points of critique B Bekink 371

    Quo vadis? A discussion of the universalism-relativism debate in the light of male circumcision in South Africa JN Matshekga 393

    An assessment of section 4 of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 2000 as a means of advancing participatory democracy in South Africa Karthy Govender 404

    An assessment of the use of disclaimers by South African hospitals in view of constitutional demands, foreign law and medico-legal considerations Pieter Carstens and Anton Kok 430


    The Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002: part panacea or ready recipe for disaster? Jeannie van Wyk and Brian Boshoff 457

    Current judicial trends pertaining to devolution and assignment of powers to local government Simla Budhu and Marinus Wiechers 468

    Grondwetlikheid en rasionaliteit van koppelvanne JMT Labuschagne 475

    Misdaadsyfers, plaasaanvalle en wapenbeheer: nog maatreëls om geweld te bekamp Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier en Juanita Pienaar 481

    Expropriation, restitution and land redistribution: an answer to land problems in South Africa? Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier and Juanita Pienaar 491

Saakbespreking/Case note

    Do bad cases make hard law? Bel Porto School Governing Body v Premier of the Province, Western Cape 2002 9 BCLR 892 (CC) Margaret Beukes and Isabeau Southwood 516

    United Democratic Movement v President of the Republic of South Africa (1) 2002 11 BCLR 1179 (CC) Simla Budhu 531Review note
D Brand and S Russell (editors) Exploring the core content of socio-economic rights: South African and international perspectives André Mangu 542

Volume 17/1 & 2 (2002 )


    Beukes, Margaret Review as a tool for the development of a culture of accountability in the public administration 244

    Bohler-Muller, Narnia Constitutionalism and cultural diversity in South Africa: images from ‘Miss Helen’s’ world 71

    Burns, Yvonne A rights-based philosophy of administrative law and a culture of justification 279

    De Visser, Jaap Powers of local government 223

    Labuschagne, JMT en De Kock, PD Rites, die togadiskoers en rasionele regspleging: ’n Regsantropologiese evaluasie 85

    Field, Tracy-Lynn Some groundwork towards a South African theory of legislation 22

    Ngwena, Charles Sexuality rights as human rights in Southern Africa with particular reference to South Africa 1

    Okpaluba, Chuks Extraordinary remedies for breach of fundamental rights: Recent developments 98

    Olivier, Willem H Inburgering van vlugtelinge 34

    Pienaar, JM The housing crisis in South Africa: Will the plethora of policies and legislation have a positive impact? 336

    Pillay, Dhaya Law’s republic, democracy and the South African Constitution 319

    Rakate, Phenyo Keiseng and Olivier, Michele The fifty-third session of the United Nations International Law Commission and its relevance for Africa 293

    Swart, Mia Democratic Republic of the Congo versus Belgium: A step backward? 305

    Taylor, David Accounting for the invisible lines behind XML in the markup of legal information 44

    Van der Walt, AJ Resisting orthodoxy – again: Thoughts on the development of post-apartheid South African law 258

    Wessels, Jakkie Legislative drafting and legislation giving effect to the Constitution 131

Häberle, Peter and Botha, Henk Constitutional interpretation as a public process: an interview with Professor Peter Häberle 142


    Burns, Yvonne Do the principles of administrative justice apply to the actions of domestic bodies or voluntary associations such as the South African Rugby Football Union and the United Cricket Board? 372

    Chetty, Chrystal The right to health care services: Interpreting section 27 of the Constitution 453

    Du Plessis, Willemien, Olivier, Nic and Pienaar, Juanita A new dispensation for communal land and minerals 409

    Geweld kwel steeds – toepassing van wetgewing onvoldoende? 440

    Misdaad, wapenaankope en ’n vergrote Polisiediens: hoop vir die toekoms? 210

    Progress in land reform, illegal occupation of land and judicial interpretation 178

    Labuschagne, JMT Die regstatus van die Islamkopdoek: Opmerkinge oor die begrensing van religieuse simbole en gebruike in ’n regstaat 382

    Terugwerkende wetgewing, die status van fiksies in ’n regstaat en die anachronistiese aard van vermoedens by wetsuitleg 403

    Stern, Klaus Global constitutional movements and new constitutions 154

    Van Marle, Karin From law’s republic to the heterogeneous public: On containment, the ethics of difference and reflexive politics 394

    Van Wyk, Jeannie Development in protected areas 163

Saakbesprekings/Case notes

    Ngwena, Charles access to health care and the courts: A note on Minister of Health v Treatment Action Campaign 463

    Tladi, Dire One step forward, two steps back for constitutionalising the common law: Afrox Health Care v Strydom 473

Volume 16/1 2001


    Tentative urgency: sensitivity for the paradoxes of stability and change in social transformation decisions of the Constitutional Court AJ van der Walt 1

    The impact of six major UN human rights treaties in South Africa Christof Heyns & Frans Viljoen 28

    The foreign act of state doctrine: its implications for the rule of law in South Africa Karin Lehmann 68

    Stereotypes, sameness, difference and human rights: catch 22? Marius Pieterse 93

    Constitutional rights and the question of waiver: how fundamental are fundamental rights? Kevin Hopkins 122

    From acropolis to metropolis: the new Constitutional Court building and South African street democracy Wessel le Roux 139


    Hansards, geestelik-intellektuele interaksie (diskoersvoering) en wetsuitleg JMT Labuschagne 169

    The right to legal representation in administrative hearings: taking students’ rights seriously Ntusi Mbodla 173

    Evictions, restitution, spatial information, the right to housing and minerals: new approaches from the government and the courts Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier & Juanita Pienaar 181

    Geweld – ook in die nuwe millenium ’n verdere toename Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier & Juanita Pienaar 217

Book review/Boekbespreking
How far do the boundaries of environmental law lie? A review of Jan Glazewski’s Environmental law in South Africa Jeannie van Wyk 229