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Unisa Press

The Road to Democracy in South Africa

Volume 3: International Solidarity. Part 1 and Part 2 (Set of 2 volumes)
Unisa Press, South Africa
Tsehai Publishers, New York

Authors          South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET)
                        Greg Houston
Format            250mm x 185mm
Pages             Part 1: xlv + 744pp. Part 2:  pp.
Volume 3 Part 1 ISBN 978-1-86888-502-2
Volume 3 Part 2 ISBN 978-1-86888-503-9
Series             ISBN   978-1-59907-033-9
Rights             Africa and Europe. USA: Tsehai Press

SA price:

R790 (VAT incl)(Set of 2 volumes)

Other countries in Africa: R 763,00 (Airmail incl)
Rest of the world:
US$116 (Airmail incl)
GB₤68 (Airmail incl)
Ä90 (Airmail incl)

The third volume in the Road to Democracy in South Africa Series examines the role of anti-apartheid movements around the world. The global anti-apartheid movement was very successful in creating awareness of the liberation struggle in South Africa, and in contributing to the downfall of the apartheid government. This volume, in 2 parts, brings together analyses which in the main are written by activist scholars with deep roots in the movements and organisations they are writing about.

This first volume focuses on International Solidarity with the liberation struggle. The series covers the contribution of various international organisations, governments and their peoples, and solidarity organisations, to the liberation struggle in South Africa.

In the second volume the focus is on African solidarity, with an emphasis on the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and its Liberation Committee; various countries in the southern African region, including the role that Tanzania and Zambia played; as well as countries in west, east and north Africa. This is a major resource for historians, scholars and anyone interested in the history of South Africa, and will be valued by future generations for its sensitive collection of highly significant historical material.

About the authors
SADET, the South African Education Democracy Trust  was established as a project Trust after President Thabo Mbeki indicated his concern about the paucity of historical material on the arduous road to South Africaís peaceful political settlement after decades of violent conflict. SADETís activities are overseen by a Trust Board, chaired by the Minister in the Presidency, Dr Essop Pahad. The project management and research team consists of Dr Gregory Houston (Executive Director), Prof Bernard Magubane (Editor-in-Chief) and Dr Sifiso Ndlovu (Director of Research). SADET drew together scholars from a variety of countries, with an emphasis on nationals from the countries under study, and/or major actors in international organisations, governmental agencies or solidarity movements being reviewed here.