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Centre for Transport Economics, Logistics and Tourism

Programme in Business Logistics: a Transport Approach


Duration: 1 Year  
Credits: 48

The purpose of the programme is to provide qualifiers with the necessary knowledge, skills and applied competency to manage logistics in an enterprise in an integrated manner.

Target group:
People who follow a management career or plan to follow such career in Logistics. The programme focuses on lower and middle management. Emphasis is placed on distribution with brief reference also to procurement and production. People working in an environment where customer service, warehousing, inventory management, transport management, materials management and order processing is of particular importance, would benefit from this programme. Employment opportunities exist in manufacturing enterprises, wholesalers and distributors, retailers and third party logistics firms.

Admission Requirements:
Senior certificate or equivalent and numerical skills on NQF level 3. Applicants who do not qualify, but who have suitable experience may apply to the head of the department for consideration.

Registration Periods:
1 December to 11 January - FOR NEW APPLICATIONS

Module 1:
Conceptual framework and Structure (PRBL01-Y) - 12 Credits


  • Important concepts and definitions relevant to logistics. These include logistics, management, lowest total cost, system approach, trade-off analysis, marketing.
  • Customer service.
  • Elements of customer service, developing customer service strategies, cost of customer service, customer account profitability. 

Module 2:
Integrated Logistics Management (PRBL02-3) - 12 Credits


  • Principles involved in integrated planning, implementation and control of logistics.
  • Issue management
  • Supply chain management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Logistics requirement planning
  • Logistics organization
  • Logistics audits

Module 3:
Logistics Activities (PRBL03-4) - 12 Credits


  • Distribution channel  (supply chain) strategies
  • Types, function and location of facilities (mainly warehouses or distribution centres)
  • Inventory management
  • Materials handling and Packaging
  • Order processing 

Module 4:
Transport Systems, Decisions and Strategies (PRBL04-5) - 12 Credits


  • The role of transport in Logistics
  • Structure of the transport system
  • Characteristics and relative merits of transport modes
  • Strategic transport planning
  • Transport strategies
  • Carrier selection
  • Shipper/Carrier negotiation
  • The basic principles of scheduling

Please note: The total cost for the programme is R6,000-00 per year, which includes study material tuition and examination fees. It is recommended that the full amount of R6,000-00 is paid for the programme,but should you be unable to do so, a payment of R3000-00 must be paid upon registration and the balance of R3000-00 payable 30 May.

Enquiries for the Short Learning Programmes should be directed to:

Mrs Sandra Goenewald
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