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Continuing Education and Training

Course in Sport Psychology

(Qualification code: 7055-6)

Aim of the course
To equip the sport coach in the educational setting with the knowledge and skills to:

  • deal with the psychological needs of athletes/players
  • be able to identify and refer athletes/players with special needs for assistance

Target group
Any sport coach in an educational setting or who is planning to become involved as a sport coach in an educational setting.

Admission requirements:

  • Senior certificate  or any other suitable qualification
  • The ability to learn from predominantly written material
  • Being involved (or planning to become involved) in the coaching of sport to children/learners

Language medium

1 (One) year.

Registration dates: 
2 December until 28 February

Full Course fee
R3 400-00 (An additional fee per module to be paid by students living outside the borders of South Africa)
Fees for groups, depending on extra services required may be different

Number of modules: 

Course content
The contents of this short course includes the following aspects: The principles of sport and exercise behaviour, the psychology of coaching, performance enhancement in sport, the psychology of exercise and injury to athletes/players.  The aim is to provide the sport coach in an educational setting with the necessary knowledge and skills to not only better understand the sport person, but also to be able to assist the sport person in his/her psychological needs.

Module 1 (CSPS01-6) = Theoretical training
Compulsory submittance of two assignments.  The following topics are covered (among others): Nature and terrain of Sport Psychology, aggressive behaviour in sport, team building or team cohesion, factors related to stress injuries and psychological problems related to exercise.

Module 2 (CSPS02-8) = Practical Training
One compulsory assignment has to be submitted. This assignment is designed with the specific aim to guide the student into a practical investigation of the factors affecting the motivation of sport people.

Nature of Assessment:  Submission of assignments and a portfolio

A workshop will be offered .  Depending on student numbers, the workshop will take place in Pretoria and/or at the regional offices of Unisa. the workshop is not compulsory

Contact person:
Project Leader: Dr Soezin Krog

Registration Enquiries:
Tel: 012 481 2731/ 2813 / 2816 / 2831
Fax: 086 6514772