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Continuing Education and Training

Programme for Practitioners in Early Childhood Development

(Qualification code: 7029-7)

Aim of the programme

The purpose of this certificate programme is to train educators in Early Childhood Development, keeping National Curriculum Statement in mind, in order to equip them to be educators who are able to:

  • Teach in the Early Childhood Development Sector
  • Facilitate active learning in Early Childhood Development
  • To manage the learning programmes in Early Childhood Development courses
  • To facilitate healthy development in Early Childhood Development

Target group

  • Teachers working in the ECD field with only practical experience; with nor or inadequate training.
  • Teachers planning a career change or who have an interest in ECD (ages 3-6 years).
  • Students who are interested to start a career in ECD.
  • Au Pairs, Nannies, Daycare mothers and parents who would like to learn more about child development, -teaching and -daycare.
  • Persons who are interested in starting a Daycare Centrum.
  • Students who do not yet meet the criteria to register for the National Certificate in Teaching Reception Year.  After completing the ECD certificate, they will qualify to register for the Reception Year Teaching.  It is possible to register for both certificates at the same time.

Admission requirements

National Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification.

Language medium

The course is presented in English although students may do their assignments or answer the examination questions in Afrikaans.


1 (One) year.

Number of modules: 

4 (Four)

Course content:

Module 1 (PECD01-4):

Theme 1: Orientation to teaching the young child,Teaching in ECD: Outcomes and teaching approach.
Theme 2: The creative Arts Programme
Theme 3: Language and Literacy

Module 2 (PECD025)

Theme 4: Movement for young children and music in the Early Years
Theme 5: Numeracy and the young Child
Theme 6: Life Skills and Exploring Science 

Module 3 (PECD03-6):

Theme 7: Planning for Health and Safety
Theme 8: Management Issues
Theme 9: Assessment and reporting Identifying and accommodating children with Learning and Development Barriers

Module 4 (PECD04-8): Practical Teaching

Theme 10: Practical teaching (Workbook).  Three weeks practical teaching at an ECD  centre under supervision of a qualified teacher.

Nature of examinations

Assessment is based on assignments and a written  examination in each of the three modules .  A  three week practical period is necessary to complete a practical workbook. 

Two-day non-compulsory workshop at the Unisa Main Campus, Pretoria.

Registration dates: 
1 December to 28 February

Full course fee:
R6 200-00 (an additional fee per module to be paid by students living outside the borders of South Africa)
Fees for groups, depending on extra services required may be different

Contact person:
Project Leader: Dr S Krog

Registration Enquiries:
Tel: 012 481 2731/ 2813 / 2816 / 2831
Fax: 086 6514772