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College of Human Sciences

Research in the College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) is one of the flagships of Unisaís research thrust.  In its departments, which are representative of the major disciplines in the social sciences, academics and post graduate students are engaged in cutting edge basic and applied research which focuses on expanding our knowledge of the disciplines, teaching and learner support and at the same time proactively responding to the needs of our developing nation and the African continent.  In realizing her vision of research activities in the CHS, the Executive Dean of the College Prof. RHM Moeketsi has created a vibrant enabling environment for both young and experienced academics to push disciplinary boundaries as organic intellectuals in multi, inter and trans-disciplinary research.  As a result of this lively research environment that has been set and created by the Executive Dean, the CHS has succeeded in increasing the Collegeís research output, the number of NRF rated academics and academics in the College have successfully supervised 174 masterís and a staggering 105 doctoral students during 2010.
Within this energetic teaching and research environment, academics at all levels have taken advantage of funding for research to attend international and local conferences.  During 2010, a number of junior and senior academics have developed and conducted local and international research.  During this same period in the CHS a number of departments held research seminars and workshops that attracted scholars from within and outside South Africa.  In all these research endeavors the focus has been on both pluri-/multi-disciplinarity and inter-discplinarity.  In answering the call of the Executive Dean to  also focus on researching teaching and learning, some of our departments and academics have also taken a lead in reflexive research especially on our burgeoning virtual learning environment.  A number of projects are investigating from different perspectives issues related to HIV/AIDS, language teaching and learning, political and economic development, religious studies and theology, sociology, information and library sciences, psychology, etc.

The College is proud of the number of its academics who are rated by the National Research Foundation (NRF). Prof. Moeketsi in her New Year message has declared 2011 the year of the student.  As such, there is going to be a number of research workshops for our post graduate students and staff so that we can all contribute to the consolidation of Unisa as the African university in the service of humanity.